1Win India Betting review – What bets exist on the platform 1Win ?

1Win in India

In the world of sports betting and gambling, there are many different bookmakers that are at different levels of development, a lot of competition and a huge selection of betting platforms makes the user think about which one is ideal for their purposes, a very difficult choice, isn’t it? That is why we chose 1Win for the topic of our article, because it is this betting company that claims to be the best betting platform in India. Its main advantage is that it is suitable for both new users who are just starting their way in the betting world, and already experienced players who bet every day, this is due to the fact that along with a huge selection of games and sports disciplines, the 1win Indian bookmaker’s website has a very simple interface, as well as simplified processes, thanks to which even new 1Win users will be able to easily navigate through it. In addition, the 1Win betting shop has a wonderful support service, it not only works around the clock, but also has a very fast service, regardless of the time, which of course is a huge plus, because every user sooner or later may face an unsolvable problem, which is why the support service was created. 

1Win India Betting review - What bets exist on the platform 1Win ?
1Win India Betting review – What bets exist on the platform 1Win ?

If we talk about the features of the 1Win bookmaker, then it’s worth starting with the main thing, namely, from the official website, where all the main processes take place. The site itself has a pleasant-looking, thoughtful design, which is very convenient to use, as well as its functionality. It should also be noted that the 1Win betting platform has earned a Curacao license, which proves the absolute legality of all actions that occur in 1Win. In addition to the official website, the 1Win betting platform has a specialized mobile application that allows you to place bets not from a computer, but from your phone. In addition, anyone can download it, because it is available for both Android and iOS, and this is great, because not all bookmakers offer an application for iOS. Let’s talk more about the 1Win mobile app. 

How to download the 1Win mobile app on Android

We will start with the process that is associated with downloading the 1Win mobile application so that, if desired, you can immediately download it to your device and continue to go through all the processes already using the application. We will start by installing a mobile application on a device with an Android operating system, so if you want to be able to place bets and any processes using your phone, use our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official website of the 1Win betting company;
  2. On the main page of the site you need to find a section whose icon is comparable to a phone, this section is dedicated to a mobile application, go to it;
  3. Open the mobile settings of your smartphone in advance and grant permission to download applications from unknown sources;
  4. On the page that appears, you will see several operating systems, among which find Android and click on it;
  5. You just have to wait for the end of the process of downloading and installing the apk file on your device, after which, this process can be considered completely finished.

In conclusion to this process, we will explain some points from our instructions that may have been incomprehensible or misleading to you. For example, the third point, which calls you to ensure that you provide your permission in advance to download mobile applications from unknown sources, this measure is necessary, without it, owners of a smartphone with the Android operating system will not be able to download an application not from the Play Market platform, therefore, in order for you to install a mobile application 1Win, which allows you to bet on sports, you need to go to your mobile phone settings and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

You also need to be more careful when choosing a place to download the 1Win mobile application to your device, you should choose for this purpose exclusively the official website of the 1Win betting company, as it is written in our instructions, because if you download the application from unknown sites, you may become a victim of fraudulent actions or download virus programs to your device, which will harm your smartphone.

How to download the 1Win mobile app on iOS

If you are using an iPhone or iPad or any other devices that are running the iOS operating system, then there is a separate instruction for you that you can also use. You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that it is much easier to download the 1Win mobile app on iOS, because you can download it both from the official website and from the App Store absolutely safely, since this platform supports betting applications. To do this, you just need to go to the App Store and enter the name of the bookmaker “1Win” in the search, then click on the download button. But now we will analyze the download directly using the official website of the 1Win bookmaker:

  1. Since at the moment you do not have the 1Win mobile application on your smartphone, you need to use the official website of the bookmaker, use your browser for this;
  2. You will immediately notice the section that is associated with downloading a mobile application, since its icon looks like a phone, go to it;
  3. You will see a web page where two operating systems are presented, among which find IOS and click on it;
  4. You will also be redirected to the App Store, where you just need to wait for the process of downloading and installing the apk file of the 1Win mobile application on your device to be completed, after which this process can be considered completely finished.

Ready! Now that you have the 1Win mobile app, you can perform the remaining procedures with it!

How to deposit money in 1Win

Now, after completing each of the above processes, you can proceed to the payment of the bet, that is, to deposit the funds that you will bet on a particular sport. This procedure is also mandatory, but you have nothing to worry about, because it is very simple, like all the processes in the 1Win betting shop, so it will take you a maximum of one minute. Let’s look at this process in more detail and analyze each step:

  1. Now that the mobile application has appeared on your smartphone, you can use it and start going through this process;
  2. Log in to the account you created earlier, to do this, use the information that you previously entered during registration;
  3. You need to go to the financial transactions section and select the operation that you are currently interested in, that is, entering funds;
  4. Among the proposed payment methods, click on the method you selected earlier, if you did not have time to do it, you need to decide right now;
  5. Select the amount of money that you prefer to use as a cash deposit;
  6. Complete the money transaction.

After completing this monetary transaction, you can proceed to betting, and after a successful win, return to our next instruction!

How to withdraw funds to 1Win

The next and final step is the withdrawal of funds, after you have made your deposit and made a successful bet, you have several options for how to dispose of it. You can leave these funds on your account at the 1Win bookmaker in order to use these funds in the next bet, and you can also withdraw these funds to your personal account that you specified during registration, right now we will analyze only the second option so that you can go through this process correctly:

  1. You can already use the 1Win mobile app, so open it right away and start going through this procedure;
  2. Using the information you entered during registration, log in to your gaming account;
  3. After you have logged into your account, click on its icon, select the “wallet” section in the menu that appears, there are all financial transactions, among which you need to select the withdrawal of funds;
  4. Now you just need to choose the payment method that suits you both for depositing funds and for withdrawal; 
  5. Fill in the field where you need to deposit the amount of money that you would like to withdraw;
  6. Complete the monetary transaction.

As you can see, at first glance these two financial transactions are very similar to each other, however, they are two different operations, therefore, carefully read the instructions and after that start going through this process yourself!

Sports betting in 1Win

Sports betting in 1Win
Sports betting in 1Win

Most users will agree that the most interesting and main section in the 1Win betting shop is the sports betting section. It is not just that it is the most important, the fact is that one of the main merits of the 1Win bookmaker is just the wide range of bets it provides, despite the fact that in any case it has more privileges than any other betting platform, it still tries to offer its players more and more novelties and opportunities. Based on this, we offer you right now to familiarize yourself with those sports in which 1Win has long been a leader in the bookmaker:

  • Tennis;
  • Football;
  • Ice hockey;
  • Volleyball;
  • Cricket;
  • Basketball;
  • And much more!

Naturally, this is not all that the 1Win betting company can offer its users, it has a good selection of not only sports disciplines, but also esports, you can bet on your favorite games, and also, it is a great way to diversify your gameplay! We will also give examples of some popular games, perhaps you will find something interesting for yourself:

  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • Rainbow Six.

Go to the official website of the 1Win bookmaker and right now choose a bet that will bring you a big win!

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