4 Tips to crack Matrix in Railways Exam

Every government job aspirant has the dream to crack the Railway exam. However, they sit for the same; they find some questions very challenging. Among them, matrix multiplication is the most challenging because it requires mathematical literacy. Thus, you should have the basic mathematical knowledge to solve such complicated questions.

From a competitive exam point of view, its preparation is very much essential. If you are unaware of this concept, let us brief you in a few words. In a vertical column, there are several numbers, and candidates need to add, multiply, subtract and divide as per the question requirement. So, what would you prefer doing to prepare the same? Here is what you can do!
How to Solve Matrix Questions In the Railway Exam?

  1. Go solving, rather than mugging up
    One of the major problems that many students have is not solving questions. Rather they just mug
    up queries and do not solve them. Due to which they get the answer but are not able to develop
    conceptual understanding. For any kind of mathematical problem, having a conceptual
    understanding is a must. So, why are you mugging up answers here? Just solve as many questions as
    possible for a better understanding.
    For you, there are several study materials available in the market. Just give a small look, and one
    hour of practice will also improve your solving skills for such questions. Hence, do not ignore the
    advice and only start your preparation with this tip.
  2. Memorize the thumb rule
    If we talk only about the multiplication problem, there are several rules associated with questions.
    Get well-versed with those rules and solving approaches. Then only proceed further to solve
    questions. It is not that if you do not memorize formulas, you will not get the right answer. You will
    still get the same, but it will take plenty of time.
    You can save your precious time when there is an examination. These handy thumb rules are
    available on the internet and in books as well. Revise them thoroughly and boost your solving skills.
    In the beginning, after you are done with memorizing formulas, start with the previous year’s paper
    question papers. Then slowly start with reference books and finally start solving complicated
    questions. In this manner, you can easily develop the solving skill.
  3. Do not ignore solving steps
    The next habit that is more popular amongst exam candidates is ignoring solving steps. Taking
    shortcuts and jumping steps is what every candidate should avoid. There should be a proper solving
    approach, whether it is a symmetric matrix or a non-symmetric matrix. Then why should there be no
    shortcuts and a lenient approach? These are your exam questions, and it will decide your future.
    Not just for exams, but in the future also this habit will make you succeed. In exams, every step
    carries marks, and this habit will give you essential scores. Also, you can make corrections in the
    particular step whenever you get confused instead of solving the question entirely. So, follow this
    habit without any problem.
  4. Regular practice is a must
    Solving matrix questions is not an overnight job. First, have fundamental knowledge. Then, practice
    them regularly. A regular practice is essential to know all kinds of problems and their tricks to solve

them. In case after a certain period, you forget questions’ knowledge. There are different study materials and plenty of questions available on the internet. Practice them properly and ask your mentors for better clarification. A regular study will also make you confident. So, if examinations are nearby, you will not have to worry about the results.

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