Bihar Bhumi Land Record – Bhulekh Portal

Bihar Bhumi Land Record Fastest and easiest way to get Land Registry / bhulekh (bhuulekh)) / LRC / bihar bhumi / khasara khatauni / apna khata (bihaar apnaa khaataa) / jambandi data in Bihar.

To ensure efficiency and transparency, the Bihar Land Revenue Department has created an online database of land registers known as Bihar Bhumi Bhulekh. The portal also keeps records of additional information such as Bhuleh Bihar, Jamabandi, land registers. You can easily check Bihar real estate registers online at the Bihar Bhumi portal.

Bihar Bhumi Land Record - Bhulekh Portal

Bihar Bhumi Land Record

PortalBihar land map information
initiatedBihar State Government
underRevenue and Land Reforms Department, Bihar
the gainAll information related to land will be received online
beneficiaryCitizen of Bihar State
official link

In Bihar Land Records, you will be able to see detailed information about all land names, records, land numbers, tehsils, districts, villages, etc. The National Informatics Center (NIC), with the help of the Department of Revenue and Land Reform, compiled the land register of Bihar Bhuleh. These documents are available on the Bihar Bhulekh platform to get all the land information such as land type, owners, area, etc. The official portal launched by the Government of Bihar for Bihar land documentation online is called Apna Khata Bihar.

Through this program, Bihar landowners can access an online database of land registers for a specific area of ​​Biharbhumi with just a few clicks. The availability of digital land registries in Bhuleh Bihar has made it easier for landowners to access detailed information about land and property.

Bihar Bhumi Land Record – Bhulekh Portal

Bihar Bhumi is an online portal launched by the Department of Revenue and Land Reform in partnership with the Bihar State Government. The Bihar Apna Khata portal was launched by the Department of Revenue and Land Reform. With the digitization of real estate registers, the process of paying taxes online in Bihar has become very simple. This online portal is intended for all residents of Bihar to help them access and manage real estate registries online.

Help people understand their land records, Khataui, Naksha, Jamabandhi, Khasra, Khatauni extracts, agricultural documents, account information and more. The agency maintains and develops land registries throughout the state by administering land registries and surveys. Parimarjan means correction, a structure that landowners in the Bihar Bhumijankari portal can use to correct errors in old land records. Bihar Apna Khata Portal Online is a Bihar friendly website with all land information at your fingertips.

Bihar Bhumi Online Map

Features of Land Map Information:

  • With the help of Bihar Bhumi Lekh online portal.
  • Any citizen, at any time, can check his Bhoomi Khasra Number or Bhoomi Deposit Number online.
  • Earlier, for the information related to the land, one had to go to the Patwari office.
  • It is not so now. All information is provided online.
  • Farmers brother, now all the information of Khasra Khatauni or land article can be obtained through internet.
  • The mention of all the land present in Bihar state will be available here.
  • Towards making Digital India by Prime Minister. Bihar government has taken this step.

Now the details of all things related to the land will be easily accessible on the Bihar Apna account portal, which the residents of the state will be able to see while sitting at home. Through this portal, citizens can view information related to their land from home or anywhere through online tools from their mobile phone or computer. Similarly, it has helped regulators manage Bihar’s land registries more efficiently and avoid tedious manual processes.

To maximize these benefits, landowners in Bihar should familiarize themselves with using an online portal to access or save land information. Based on this, the states have digitized records of rights (RoR) and all other land information in Bihar in the form of maps (Bhu Naksha). The Department of Revenue and Land Reform deals with Khata Khesra Bihar or land management, land development and settlement, land consolidation, land acquisition for various central and state government schemes.

Benefits of Bihar Land Record Online:

  • Time will be saved as all the information is available online.
  • Citizens do not need to visit government offices for land related information.
  • Anytime, anywhere you can get complete information from the online portal.
  • You can avail this facility sitting at home on your phone or computer.
  • You can get the land documents of your house through online medium. And you can also take their print according to your need.

Any legal land document like this can be viewed by following the steps on the Bihar Bhulekh or Bhu Abhilekh Bihar official website. The state of Bihar is highly organized, and any information about land registers is available to everyone, which indicates its transparency in functioning and understandability for people and citizens. The law is one of the most important land documents in Bihar. Through this portal, landowners in Bihar can manage and complete various land formalities.

How to get Bihar land map online information?

  • First of all, click on the official website of Revenue and Land Reforms Department.
  • After clicking here a new page will open in front of you.
  • This official website home page is in front of you. The map of Bihar state is in front of you.
  • Select your district here. Then the map of your district will appear in front of you.
  • In which there is information about the area falling under the district.
  • Here you select the zone under which your land falls.
  • Along with this, on the zone page, you will also see the total stock number and measles number which is written at the top.
  • You can see. A new page is in front of you. Here are some options related to Apna Khata.
  • Such as: View all accounts of Moja by name / View by account number / View by Khasra number / or get information by the name of the account holder.

Citizens of Bihar can get instant access to information about their land. Details of Khasra-Khatauni for Bihar can be viewed online at the Bhumijankari portal.

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