Bihar Board 12th Model Paper Download pdf 2022

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper Download pdf 2022 So solving these questions will also help you on the 10th and 12th BSEB exam. These simulated questions and tests help students take board exams and various competitive exams such as the Olympics and NTSE (for grade 10) and JEE and NEET (for grade 12).

The BSEB has released the 12th Bihar Council Model Questionnaire 2022. Students can download and prepare this sample document because these templates will also be valid for the 2022 annual exam.

Question level, Bihar board 12th grade question paper 2021 pdf in all 12th grade subjects will also give an idea of ​​the general preparation for the 12th grade exam of Bihar board 2022.

The BSEB conducts high school examinations under the government of Bihar. Each year, the BSEB exam leads to a 12th grade or midterm exam starting in the first week of February.

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper Download pdf 2022

Bihar 12th Model Question Paper 2022 Bihar Inter Model Paper 2022
Name of the State State of Bihar
Name of the Education Board Bihar School Examination Board (abbreviated BSEB)
Name of the Grade Intermediate (12th class)
Type An autonomous body under the State Education Department
Name of the Subject Arts, Science, Commerce, Vocational
Download Paper Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2022 All Subject Pdf Download
Examination Date Bihar Board Examinations in February–March and the other is a supplementary examination held in August–September of every year.
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The annual exam takes place in February / March and the additional advanced exam takes place in May / June of each year. The Bihar Patna Council mid-term practice tests begin from January to February, and the annual final exams are scheduled from March to April at all centers selected by the council.

Stay tuned with Knowledgewap for more information on the latest Bihar Science and Maths Bulletin Board Template 2021, the current timetable, important questions, assignments from the previous year, and other teaching materials such as the Bihar Council Book.

All major websites and educational institutions are provided with BSEB 2022 Questionnaire 12 with suggested answers, as well as subjective question templates and sets of subjective templates for practical application of the most important questions from the last 5 years and a 10-year bank of questions solved through exams and teaching materials.

for Theory, Objective Questions and Multiple Choice Questions 2022. Set the repetitive questions of the 12th BSEB Exam in Arts, Commerce, Science, Model Questionnaire 2022. Practice on these questions is the best way to get a good grade, students upload work results and 12 question templates th exam 2022 from the official website.

Sample Bihar Board Based on Paper For the important objective questions answered here, we will first discuss some of the important questions from class 12 of the Bihar council. so that students can easily get a high score on the exam without wasting time.

Bihar 12th Model Questionnaire 2022 Bihar Interim Document 2022 State Name Bihar State Name of Board of Education Bihar School Examination Board (abbreviated as BSEB) Name of Middle Class (12th Grade) Type Autonomous body called Department of Education State of the Art Art, science, commerce, professional activity Download document Bihar government 12th model 2022 All subjects Pdf Download exam date The Bihar council takes exams in February-March, and the second is an additional exam, which is held in August-September every year.

Bihar 12th Questionnaire 2022 Bihar 2022 Interim Model Document for Arts, Science or Commerce State Name Bihar State Name of Board of Education Bihar School Examination Board (abbreviated as BSEB) Class Name Intermediate (12th Grade) Type Autonomous Authority under the State Department of Education Subject Title Arts, Science, Commerce, Professional Activities Download the document The Bihar Government, 12th Model Document 2022 All subjects Pdf Download the exam date The Bihar Council exams are held in February-March, and the second is an additional exam that is held in August-September every year.

The onboard exam consists of 5 documents, including two required language documents: Hindi and English. Last year, the board of directors uploaded work samples to ensure that all students get good marks on the exam. The 12th BSEB Sample Papers give a good idea of ​​the exam model and the grading scheme to be followed in the exam.

BSEB regular and private students prepare for the exam based on these work samples, students must register to participate in the 2022 state exam. BSEB high school students are graduate theses following the old annual midterm exam model. Bihar high school students fail the 12th Bihar Exam test in 2022 after students are about to take the state exam.

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Students must achieve a minimum of 35% score in each subject in order to pass the 12 Bihar exams. To pass all subjects in the 12th Bihar exam, you must score at least 35%.

Bihar Intermediate 2022 will score a total of 500 points and students will need to score 33% to pass the exam. Interim Bihar 2022 will be held with a total of 500 points and students must score 33% to pass the exam.

The exam template includes various parameters such as grade weights, overall grades, important topics, number of questions asked, and more. Students will have an understanding of the nature, type and level of difficulty of the examination questions.

In addition, the last year’s job template will give them an insight into the various questions asked during the exam to help them become familiar with the exam.

The sample documents provide candidates with an introduction to a questionnaire template to help them get their exam scores.

In these sample documents, you will find MCQ, Fill in the Blanks, True and False, Short Questions, Long Questions, and Drawing Questions. Students will be provided with OMR sheets, theoretical and practical subjects include 35 MCQs in theoretical work.

The exhibition document can be downloaded online in PDF format from the official website of the commission Bihar will bring showcase paper for BSE, BSB Patna to its official arts, science and commerce site.

This will help students learn about the Bihar Board exam model: the different sections in each document, the total number of questions, the grading scheme, etc.

This helps them analyze the exam design and gain confidence that he will show up for the exam. Therefore, students who come to the 12th exam in all areas such as arts, commerce and science search for their sample document online online.

Students then advise that they can get a complete model in physics, chemistry, mathematics, accounting, entrepreneurship, biology, economics, business, Hindi, English in pdf format. From that moment on, a couple of months before the exam, the Board issues paper to paper.

All test takers are encouraged to continue to visit our website frequently in order to receive important data from time to time as determined in the Bihar Council midterm exam 2021.

Urdu, Bangla, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Social Studies, Dance (Kathak) pass the 10th Bihar Admission Council Open Exam. However, the CBSE program is almost the same as that of the Bihar State Council.

Biology students can quickly learn the core subjects of their main subject to achieve high scores in their final exams. Mathematics Mathematics is one of the most important subjects for twelfth pupils, where students can get the highest marks in this subject so that they can get good grades in their final exams.

Bihar Board 12th Class Model Paper 2022 (*Latest) Pdf Download

  • Accountancy (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Psychology Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Political Science (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Philosophy Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • History Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Geography Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Physics Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Agriculture (OPT.) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Business studies Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Chemistry Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Economics (OPT) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Entrepreneurship Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Sociology Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Urdu (I.A & I.Sc & I.Com) (OPT) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Multimedia & Web Technology (MWT) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Music Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Yoga & Physical Education Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Home Science Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Hindi (OPT) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Hindi Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Computer Science Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • English (OPT) Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Mathematics Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Biology Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Prakrit Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Bangla Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Sanskrit Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Bhojpuri Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Magahi Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Arabic Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Persian Model Set Paper 2022 Download
  • Business Study Model Set Paper 2022 Download

BSEB 12th Class Model Paper 2022 for Arts, Science, Commerce Download, Bihar Board Intermediate Model Paper 2022 fresh Latest All Subject, कला, विज्ञान, वाणिज्य स्ट्रीम के लिए बिहार बोर्ड इंटरमीडिएट मॉडल पेपर 2022, BSEB 12th Class Question Paper 2022 All Subject Pdf Download, बिहार इंटरमीडिएट प्रश्न पत्र 2022

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BSEB Intermediate Question Paper 2022 Blueprint Download, BSEB Intermediate Model Paper 2022, BSEB Intermediate Model Test Paper 2022, बीएसईबी इंटरमीडिएट मॉडल टेस्ट पेपर 2022, BSEB Intermediate Exam Question Paper 2022 Latest New Fresh 12th Class Question Paper 2022 Download

1. I.Sc Agriculture
2. I.A Philosophy
3. History
4. I.A,I.Sc & I.Com – Multimedia And Web Technology
5. I.A,I.Sc & I.Com – Computer Science
6. (Annual)-I.Sc. & I.Com-Ll-Maithili
7. Geography
8. I.A Ll. Arabic
9. (Annual)-I.A_Sanskrit
10. I.A-Ll-Bhojpuri
11. (Annual)-I.Sc&I.Com-Mb-Maithili
12. Music
13. I.Sc.&I.Com Sanskrit
14. I.A.Ll-Hindi
15. Inter Accountancy Model Set 2022 (Annual)
16. Psychology
17. (Annual) – Entrepreneurship
18. I.Sc&I.Com Ll-Englisgh
19. I.Sc&Icom L.L Urdu
20. I.Sc&I.Com Ll-Hindi
21. I.Sc&I.Com L.L Persian
22. I.Sc.&I.Com-Mb-Altenglish
23. I.A Ll. Urdu
24. I.Sc. & I.Com Ll Prakrit
25. I.Sc&I.Com L.Lbangla
26. (Annual) – Economics
27. Political Science
28. I.A L.L Bangla
29. I.Sc&I.Com Ll-Englisgh
30. I.Sc&I.Com Ll-Hindi
31. I.A Ll. Urdu
32. I.Sc.&I.Com-Mb-Altenglish
33. I.Sc&I.Com L.Lbangla
34. (Annual) – Economics
35. I.Sc. & I.Com Ll Prakrit
36. I.A L.L Bangla
37. (Annual) – Economics
38. Political Science
39. I.A Alternative English
40. I.A M.B Urdu
41. (Annual) – Physics
42. I.A.-Ll-Pali
43. I.Sc & I.Com L.L Arbic
44. (Annual) – Biology
45. I.Sc.&I.Com-Ll-Pali
46. I.Sc & I.Com M.B Urdu

Bihar Board 12th Model Paper 2022, BSEB Intermediate Question Paper 2022 Download, बिहार बोर्ड 12वीं मॉडल पेपर 2022

01 Bangla
02 Economics (Art)
03 Maithli – 50
04 Maithli-100
05 Philosphy
06 Psychology
07 English
08 Economics (Commerce)
09 Biology (Science)
10 Alternative English
11 NRB Hindi
12 Hindi (100 Marks)
13 History
14 Accountancy (Commerce)
15 Geography(Arts)
16 Entrepreneurship
17 Urdu – 50
18 Urdu – 100
19 Math
20 Chemistry
21 Persian
22 Physics
23 Arabic
24 Political Science
25 Agriculture
26 Home Science
27 Sociology
28 Physics Objective

Bihar Board 12th Class Important Question 2022 blueprint Download

Arts (I.A)

Urdu Download
Hindi (OPT) Download
English (OPT) Download
Economics (OPT) Download
History Download
Geography Download
Philosophy Download
Computer Science Download
Sociology Download
Hindi Download
Political Science Download
Psychology Download
Agriculture (OPT) Download
Home Science Download
Yoga and Physical Education Download
Prakrit Download
Music Download
Multimedia & Web Technology (MWT) Download

 Science (I.Sc)

Chemistry Download
Mathematics Download
Biology Download
Physics Download
Computer Science Download
Urdu Download
Hindi Download
Prakrit Download
Bangla Download
Sanskrit Download
Bhojpuri Download
Magahi Download
Arabic Download
Persian Download
English (Opt) Download
Multimedia & Web Technology (MWT) Download

Commerce (I.Com)

Accountancy Download
Entrepreneurship Download
Economics (Commerce) Download
Business Study Download
Computer Science Download
Urdu Download
Hindi Download
Prakrit Download
Bangla Download
Sanskrit Download
Bhojpuri Download
Magahi Download
Arbic Download
Persian Download
English (Opt) Download
Multimedia & Web Technology (MWT) Download

BSEB Intermediate Model Paper 2022, बिहार बोर्ड 12वीं महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न 2022 ब्लूप्रिंट डाउनलोड, BSEB 12th Model Question Paper 2022 Download, बिहार बोर्ड इंटरमीडिएट महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न पत्र 2022


  1. Arabic
  2. Hindi I.A-LL-NRB (COMP) 50 Marks
  3. Hindi ISC-ICOM-LL (OPT) 100 Marks
  4. Hindi ISC-ICOM-LL- NRB (COMP) 50 Marks
  5. Sanskrit I.A 100 Marks
  6. Sanskrit I.Sc. and I.Com 100 Marks
  7. Urdu Arts 50 Marks
  8. Urdu Arts 100 Marks
  9. PERSIAN-100
  12. BANGLA 100 MARKS
  17. Maithili 50 Marks
  18. Maithili-100-Marks
  19. Sc-Com-LL-HIN-OPT
  20. BHOJPURI OPT 100
  21. IA PALI OPT 100
  22. ISC and ICOM PALI OPT 100
  23. PRAKRIT EXAM 100
  24. I.A. ENG-LL (OPT)
  25. I.Sc.&I.Com. ENG-LL-(OPT)
  26. URDU ARTS Answer 100 Marks (SET-1)
  28. URDU ARTS 50 MARKS (SET-1)
  29. URDU I.Sc. & I.Com. 50 MARKS SET-1
  30. URDU I.Sc.& I.Com. 50 MARKS SET-2
  31. L.L.URDU – I.Sc.&I.Com. Answer SET-2
  32. L.L.URDU – I.Sc.&I.Com Answer Set-1
  33. L.L.URDU – I.A.(ARTS) SET-2
  37. SC-LL-BHOJPURI (OPT) Set-4
  38. A-LL-MAG (SET-I)
  39. A-LL-MAG (SET-II)
  40. A-LL-MAG (SET-III)
  41. A-LL-MAG (SET-IV)
  42. SC-LL-MAG (SET-I)
  43. SC-LL-MAG (SET-II)
  45. SC-LL-MAG (SET-IV)
  46. ARABIC (SET-2)
  47. ARABIC (SET-3)
  48. ARABIC (SET-4)
  50. I.Sc. & I.Com.-ENG-LL-ENGLISH-(OPT)
  51. L.L. Urdu Arts Set-3
  52. L.L. Urdu Arts Set-4
  53. L.L. Urdu I.Sc. Set-III
  54. L.L. Urdu I.Sc. Set-IV
  59. Prakrit I.A Set-I
  60. Prakrit I.A Set-II
  61. Prakrit I.A Set-III
  62. Prakrit-I.A-Set-IV
  63. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-I
  64. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-II
  65. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-III
  66. Prakrit I.Sc. Set-IV
  67. English I.A Set-II
  68. English I.A Set-III
  69. English LL I.A Set-II
  70. Hindi Set II Model Paper
  71. Persian (OPT) 100 All Set
  72. Urdu (MT) Group-A Set II
  73. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743) Set I
  74. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set II
  75. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set III
  76. XII Bangla (SL. CODE 743 Set IV
  77. English I.A. Set II
  78. English I.A. Set III
  79. English LL I.A. Set II
  80. Prakrit I.A. Set I
  81. prakrit I.A. Set II
  82. Prakrit I.A. Set III
  83. Prakrit I.A. Set IV
  84. Prakrit I.Sc. Set I
  85. Prakrit I.Sc. Set II
  86. Prakrit I.Sc. Set III
  87. Prakrit I.Sc. Set IV
  88. I.A. Class XII Sanskrit Set 2
  89. I.A. Class XII Sanskrit Set 3
  90. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 1
  91. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 2
  92. I.Sc. & I.Com. Class XII Sanskrit Set 3
  97. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET I
  98. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET II
  99. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET III
  100. (Sc. & Com-LL-HINDI-OPT) SET IV
  101. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET A
  102. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET B
  103. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET C
  104. A-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET D
  105. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET A
  106. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET B
  107. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB (HIN) Comp) SET C
  108. Sc. & Com.-LL-NRB-(HIN) Comp) SET D
  109. I.A (English) Model Question 100 Marks – I
  110. I.A (English) Model Question 100 Marks-II
  111. I.Sc & I.Com (English) Model Question 100 Marks-I
  112. I.Sc & I.Com (English) Model Question 100 Marks-II
  113. I.A. Class – XII, Sanskrit, Set – 1
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  1. Philosophy Set I PHL(OPT) A
  2. Philosophy Set II PHL(OPT) A
  3. Sociology 100 Marks
  4. Home Science 70 Marks
  5. Philosphy 100 marks
  6. Political Science-100
  7. Political Science Set-2
  8. Political Science Set-3
  9. Geography-100
  10. History-100
  11. History
  12. History 100 Marks
  13. History Section-1
  15. Psychology
  16. History Set-II
  17. Music Set-1
  18. Music Set-2
  19. Answer Key of Music Set-2 & 3
  20. Music Set-3
  21. Yoga & Physical Education (Theory)
  26. XII Economics Set II
  27. XII Political Science Set IV
  28. XII Political Science Set V
  29. XI Home Science Set I
  30. XI Home Science Set II
  31. XI Home Science Set III
  32. XI Home Science Set IV
  33. Geography (A) Set-I
  34. Geography Set-I
  35. Geography Set-II


  1. Biology 100 Marks
  2. Biology Set I
  3. Biology Set II
  4. Chemistry
  5. Chemistry Set-2
  6. Chemistry Set II
  7. Physics
  8. Physics Set-1
  9. Physics Set-2
  10. MATH SET-2
  11. MATH-SET-3
  12. MATH-SET-4
  13. MATH-SET-5
  14. Agriculture
  16. XII Agriculture Set II
  17. XII Agriculture Set III
  18. XII Biology
  19. XII Chemistry Model Question III
  22. Agriculture Set-IV
  23. Agriculture Set-V
  24. I.Sc. Biology Set-I
  25. I.Sc. Biology Set-II
  26. Chemistry Set-IV


  1. Entrepreneurship-70
  2. Accountancy-100
  3. Business Study-100
  4. ECONOMICS-100
  5. Accountancy Set-I
  6. Accountancy Set-II
  7. Accountancy Set-III
  8. Accountancy Set-IV
  9. Business Studies Set-I
  10. Business Studies Model Set-II
  11. Business Studies Model Set-III
  12. Business Studies Set-IV
  13. Economics Set-I
  14. Economics Set-II
  15. Economics Set-III
  16. Economics Set-IV
  17. Economics Set-IV
  18. Entrepreneurship Set-I
  19. Entrepreneurship Set-II
  20. Entrepreneurship Set-III
  21. Entrepreneurship Set-IV


  1. Mining Geology
  2. Mining Geology – 100 Marks
  3. Auto Engineering Technology
  4. Mechanical Servicing
  5. Stenography
  6. History
  7. Sociology
  8. Accountancy
  9. Economics
  10. Foundation Course – 100 Marks
  11. English – 100 Marks
  13. Vocational Exam M.H.W
  14. Vocational Sociology
  15. Vocational Hindi
  16. Vocational Library Science
  17. Computer Science
  18. Voc Enterpreneurship
  19. Vocational PPT
  20. Vocational Rtv
  21. AFA Trade Paper I Agriculture Farm MECH
  22. Business Studies BST
  23. C.G.M. (TH)
  24. Computer Science-CPA (TH) IVC
  25. Entrepreneurship (Vocational)
  26. MLT-I
  27. Office Management Paper-I
  28. PPT(TH)-I-IVC
  29. RTA (TH) IVC
  30. VOC- AUX. NUR & Midwifery Paper-I
  31. Food Reservation & Processing Trade
  32. I VOC Electronics Technology
  33. I VOC Physics
  34. EDA-(TH)-(IVC)
  35. I Voc Electronics Technology Intermediate
  36. Model Question Food Reservation&Processing Trade
  37. Model Question IVC Stenography I
  38. Model Question OFA Paper I
  39. Sericulture Intermediate

Table of Contents

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