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Call My Agent Series The direction is stylized and would work if the script itself contained a chaotic substance that does not exist. The self-referential tone and honest criticism of Bollywood or the film industry, for that matter, is rather shy.

With the exception of a few clichéd comments about how “ruthless this industry is getting” or the slightest attention to the lives of struggling actors, the show is losing much of what viewers want to know about Bollywood.

While the stellar episodes manage to pique the public’s interest in the series, it fails to establish a deep connection with the agents who are at the heart of the plot.

Agents who should be at the center of the plot suffer the most from chaotic direction and writing.

This is the world of dogs that eat dogs, where these agents can be as compassionate as they are cunning, or maternal as well as manipulative, depending on the needs of the moment.

They are passionate workaholics who will do whatever they can to get something done or stop it from happening.

Working in the same industry (and agency), these four agents demonstrated unique roles, and their dynamics add luster to the plot.

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Call My Agent Series Download Bollywood, the main agent of a Mumbai institution called ART-in textbooks describing religious diversity-Monty (Rajat Kapoor), Treasa (Sonya Hrazdan), Amal (Ahana Kumra) and Mehershad (Ayush Mehra) ).

The four seasons of the French TV series follow Agents Matthias, Arlette, André, Gabriel and their assistants.

Call My Agent Bollywood is a spin-off of the 2015 French TV series of the same name. It tells the lives of four talented agents who are directors in the OG entertainment industry, but they themselves are a disaster.

Bollywood actors and directors left their mark on the show. The show features interlude performances by French icons such as Jean Renault, Juliet Binoche, Isabel Adjani and Isabel Huppert.

In fact, the show is one of several adaptations of French TV series currently in development, including productions in Turkey and the UK.

As in the first season, it seems likely that there will be episodes of Bollywood stars contacting fictional talent agencies in the show.

Given that the original French show had four seasons through 2020, let’s hope the creators of Call My Agent Bollywood aren’t holding back how and when they’ll do it next season.

In the case of Call My Agent Bollywood, you have to ask for more, and as a result, when the credits begin after the end of the sixth episode, you wonder if the second volume will be released soon, as was the case with the last season of Money Heist.

Call My Agent Series Download 480p , 720p Filmywap , Movierulz

If you’ve watched the French TV series Call My Agent and you like it, then you can definitely start watching the Bollywood version. Put this remake aside and watch the four seasons of Call My Agent (also on Netflix) instead.

Last week, Netflix India released a six-part series, an official remake of the popular series. The Indian edition directed by Shaad Ali borrows everything from the French edition, but cannot reproduce the sense of humor and credibility for the audience who survived Bollywood gossip. Call my agent Bollywood is a comedy series directed by Shaad Ali in 2021.

Ahana Kumra is an actress and model from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, best known for her performances in the films Yud (2014) and Agent Raghav – Crime Branch (2015). However, the 36-year-old has had a tense couple of years, appearing in films such as Betaal, Forbidden Love, The Accidental Prime Minister and Huda Hafiz.

The main cast works very well here because, as the main character, Ahana Kumra is a revelation and shows various nuances. Ahana as fiesta and Amal Lunhfat, Sonya as sweet Treasa, Rajat as hardcore pro Monty and Ayush as the more conscious Parsi Mehershad. Her portrayal of a lonely lesbian moving to Mumbai is quite refreshing and easily recognizable.

On the other hand, Sonya Hrazdan, another senior ART agent (she prefers to be called a star master), got pretty relaxed as she saw and did everything, so she named her dog after her deceased cheating husband.

Monty (Kapoor), a selfish and low-key man, faces the harsher Amal (Ahana Kumra). Mehershad, played by Ayush Mehra as a very unusual Parsi, is still in the process of buffering, like so much else in this series.

Bakchkhar has worked with actors such as Irfan Khan, Yami Gautam, and Vijay Varma. He particularly emphasized a scene in the first episode of the six-part series. He said that what was shown could not really happen.

The six-episode first season closely follows the French series when it comes to storylines and situations, but the producers have failed to reproduce the appealing tone of the original.

Screenwriters Abbas Dalal and Hussein Dalal and director Shaad Ali localized the agent-star dynamics for Indian audiences, but failed to keep the flow.

All screenwriters Abbas Dalal and Hussein Dalal and director Shaad Ali had to do was reproduce the light and engaging tone of the source material and localize the dynamics of the agent-star for Indian audiences.

In one season after its release, the French comedy-drama acquired the status of a cult, as it cheerfully and often satirically destroyed the impassable wall between the image of the star and the real person behind it.

The show, often classed as a workplace drama (I think there is much more to it), follows events at a prestigious Parisian talent agency called Agence Samuel Kerr (ASK) as it traces the lives of its key agents and their assistants, whose clients include some of the biggest names in French cinema.

Call My Agent Netflix Series Trailer

The agents have a rare emotional depth with which they treat these artists, and yet their sensitivity forms the tender core of the series. Four smart street talent agents tackle fragile stellar egos and real human emotions, even as they try to save their talent agency from imminent shutdown.

Four talented agents thrive in the heart of Mumbai – tested by Ahana Kumra, Ayush Mehra, Sonya Hrazdan and Rajat Kapoor – who take responsibility for creating or destroying a star that will walk the upcoming red carpet.

Four talented Mumbai agents – Ahana Kumra, Ayush Mehra, Rajat Kapoor and Sonya Hrazdan – are fighting to save their company – from turns to appeasement of celebrity egos – do not stop.

Before we dive into the details of the Netflix Special, if you’re interested in watching other shows like it, you can watch The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, Indian Matchmaking, Family Karma, and Big Day.

We are thrilled to partner with Netflix to bring Call My Agent to Indian and global audiences, ”said Samir Nair, CEO of Applause Entertainment.

Rajat Kapoor is a veteran of Indian cinema, among his titles are actor, writer, screenwriter and director. Although Rajat Kapoor, one of two senior agents at one of Mumbai’s leading casting agencies, ART, claims that 99% of those working in Bollywood fail, while the remaining 1% only succeed in false stories, he and his fellow agents: especially young ones, competing by cutting their throats.

Call My Agent: Bollywood Movie Release Date and Time

Available OnNetflix
Running Time2:30 Hours
Released Date29 October 2021

Mp4Moviez Call My Agent Series Cast

MovieCall My Agent: Bollywood
ArtistsAahana Kumra | Ayush Mehra | Rajat Kapoor
DirectorShaad Ali
Movie TypeCrime | Drama |Thriller

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Channel PartnerSony Max
Music PartnerZee Music
Running TimeNot Available
Release Date29 October 2021


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