Cg Bhuiya Bhulekh – CG Land Record

Cg Bhuiya Through this CG Bhuiya nic portal, any citizen of the state can easily check the land registry of their land. This is how you can view real estate listings online at Chhattisgarhs Bhuiyan Portal. Through the Bhuiya government portal, the citizens of the state can easily visualize the Khasra (P-II) and Khatoni (B-I) of their land through the Bhuiyan portal.

So, to put an end to this problem, the Chhattisgarh Land Records Department has made it possible to get your land map online through the CG Bhuiya naksha portal. Bhuiyan is a computerized project in Chhattisgarh where all measles-related information, land records and chart of accounts are kept together. Citizens wishing to access information relating to their land can now access the official Chhattisgarh Bhuiya portal and view it online.

Cg Bhuiya

Portal NameBhuiyan Portal
state nameChhattisgarh
BeneficiaryLand holding Farmers
PurposeDissemination of land related information to citizens
registration year2021
service statusOnline
DepartmentRevenue Department, Chhattisgarh
Developed byNational Informatics Centre, Chhattisgarh

The government of Chhattisgarh has started a project called CG Bhuiya for computerized land registries of the state. In the state of Chhattisgarh, it becomes intimidating to get access to land books, khatauni, fard, jamabandi, ROR, b1 naksha khasra, nakal etc from the tax department and get everything you need for numerous visits to government offices.

CG land registries are available online at the Bhuiyan CG Portal, also known as Bhulekh State Government Software. Users can use the Bhulekh Chhattisgarh online portal to view the area map (bhuiya naksha).

The portal offers access to their khasr information, P-II and BI applications with digital signatures, online map, nadjul land details, khasr details and land transfer information. In other words, through this platform they can upload their hasra and khatauni details.

Cg Bhuiya Bhulekh – CG Land Record

People came to the tehsildars office to get a cadastral document, but now it’s becoming an extensive procedure. CG land registries are publicly available on the cglrc bhuiya online portal, also known as the Bhuleh state program. Today in this article, we will provide information related to the online portal of the State Land Cadastre of Chhattisgarh.

They can view and download online all information related to their land, such as b1 khasra cg, b1 naksha khasra, with one click. Detailed information about Bhu Abhileh Chhattisgarh will include everything from map of their land to b1 naksha khasra, P11 Khatauni, b1 Khasra cg etc. transparent system of land books. Citizens can access the entire land register on their mobile phone by downloading the Bhuiyan app from the Google Play store.

All records relating to all land in the state can be found on the portal. Citizens can also access the entire mobile national record by downloading the Bhuiyan app. So, now let’s talk about how to mine CG B1 and P II through this portal. If you have requested a correction in a particular Land Register, you can check the status of the correction of the record by visiting the portal or mobile application.

Chhattisgarh Bhuiyan NIC developed the Bhunaksha CG app, which you can find on the Play Store. You can use the portal to find data on all affected land in the state. You can check khasra (P-II) and khatauni (B-I) on the official Bhuiyan website. You can use the portal to download Measles (P-II) and Khatown (BI) reports in PDF format.

To quickly convert one area unit to another, you can use this land area converter. To establish the ownership of land in the purchase and sale of land and in the registration of ownership. Please read carefully to the end. The Bhuiyan Portal is an online platform. On the village map, you will have access to map details P II and B-I.

Then you can choose district, tehsil, tax inspector and village. If you would like to apply while sitting in your room, you can apply online through this ongoing process. It covers all land units used in India including all units used in Chhattisgarh such as bigha, katta, acre, square yards, square feet, square meters, etc. Select your region from the drop-down menu and click the “klik” button “kiijiye”.

CG bhuiyan measles and land map

  • The people of the state do not need to make rounds of the Tehsil to get Khatauni and Map.
  • This online process is very simple and secure.
  • The citizens of the state get their land information absolutely free of cost through the portal.
  • Information about bhuiya land record can be easily obtained by entering the document number.

How to remove CG bhuiyan B1 measles, P II khatauni?

  • To remove measles and khatauni, first go to the portal
  • Now you will see the link “Digital Signed BI/P-II Application” in the sidebar of the website, click on it
  • cg bhuiya naksha khasra number
  • Now you will reach the page of “(Assami wise) B-I Khatauni/P-II Khasra Report” here first of all you will see two options for selecting your village “Select Village” and “Give Village Number” you will first select option
  • After putting a check mark on “Select Village”, you must first select your district, then select your tehsil and then village.
  • Bhuiya Khasra Nikalen
  • After this you can check Khasra wise or Name wise B-I Khatauni/P-II Khasra Report for ease you select Khasra wise and if you have “Khasra Number” then search it by selecting it and entering Khasra Number Or you can choose the second option “Select Khasra Number”
  • cg bhuiya nic
  • After selecting the option “Select Khasra Number” select your Khasra Number and after that your details will appear. Use any one option of B-I Khatauni Report or P-II (Khasra) Report to download the details report. Choose
  • After selecting the option you can download the report by entering your name, mobile number, e-mail
  • bhuiya naksha
  • chhattisgarh bhuyan land map check online
  • It is very easy to see the land map from Bhuyan Portal, to see the map, you follow all the steps given below:
  • To see the map, first go to the website
  • Now fill all the information asked on the page such as District, Tehsil, RI and Village
  • Now a map page will open in front of you, after clicking on it, click on the map containing your measles number.
  • Now the information about the measles number will come in front of you, now you click on the “Khasra Map” under the Reports section
  • bhuiya chhattisgarh
  • Now the measles map will open in front of you in PDF format, which you can easily download.

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