Portal – Vaccine Registration & Certificate Download

Cowin self-registration will be done online through www cowin gov on the OR AarogyaSetu OR UMANG platform. You can register for the third dose of Covid vaccine in India for seniors in your area at You can register on this portal to receive any Cowaxin, Covisield, Sputnik V or Pfizer vaccine. Regardless of which state you belong to in India, you can use this portal for various vaccination services and if you have not been vaccinated, you can sign up by visiting the portal.

With it, you can check the status of the vaccines available on the portal and the benefits of registering the Covid 2022 vaccine on the self-registration portal. Download the Cowin app on your mobile device to quickly complete your covid-19 vaccination registration for 1st, 2nd, 3rd dose, and the Cowin app will provide you with all government recommendations.

Now a person can open the official portal or download the Cowin Cowin application at any time and record the time interval according to the availability indicated for the vaccination center. By accessing and registering on the COWIN portal, people can choose the time for vaccination, so it is necessary to get to the vaccination center according to the time you selected during the registration process. Portal – Vaccine Registration & Certificate Download Portal

CertificateCOVID-19 Vaccine Certificate
Total Vaccinated1,21,84,45,000+ (As on 27 November 2022)
Dose 1 Vaccinated78,25,87,184 (As on 27 November 2021)
Dose 2 Vaccinated43,50,18,835 (As on 27 November 2021)
Sites Conducting Vaccination1,02,372 (Total)- 2,354 (Private) & 1,00,018 (Government)
Vaccine NameCovidshield (Oxford-AstraZeneca)

Using the COWIN login and registration portal, covid19 vaccination program management can also easily track the total number of people vaccinated using the Cowin app. India has recently added a new feature to the CoWin Portal that allows users to find the nearest Cowid Vaccination Centre and available slots before registering for the CoWin Portal.

In order to prevent Covid 19 by taking all precautionary measures to stop the spread of Covid, the Government of India has launched an online portal where citizens can book the location of Covid 19 vaccines.

Citizens can book online at any time via mobile phone or personal computer. Anyone can book a vaccination schedule at a nearby Covid vaccination centre using the Cowin vaccine slot booking system. Through the portal, citizens of India can apply for vaccination, and with the launch of the portal, the government of India has provided frontline workers with the opportunity to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. From March 1, 2021, registration for vaccination is The old man Sono started working as a 45- to 60-year-old.

Go to the Aarogya Setu app > click the CoWIN tab on the main screen. Select Vaccination Registration > Enter Phone Number > Enter OTP. Click Confirm>. You will be taken to the vaccination registration page. portal. To download your certificate, you can visit cowin gov self-registration website or Aroygasetu app, enter your phone number and verify it with OPT.

Once vaccinated, the next step is to download the Cowin certificate, which is now mandatory if you are traveling to another state. You can find the certificate of vaccination in the Digi-Locker section of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the Health category. Portal – Vaccine Registration & Certificate Download

The website is a comprehensive source of information on all things vaccine related in the country, but on this page we will discuss how to specifically download the certificate. In addition, the website provides many health information services such as verification of certificates without the need for any identification from the beneficiaries themselves. The CoWIN portal shows you all the steps to help you conveniently register and register for vaccinations. After understanding the process, it is important to know the correct ways to register on the CoWIN portal and other questions about vaccination.

Any candidate vaccinated with Covisield/Covaxin or Sputnik will first need to register on the CoWin portal. Let us know how a person can sign up for a vaccination and upload a vaccination certificate through this portal. After vaccination, the government provides a Covisield certificate, which can be downloaded from the cowin app or website.

If you don’t want to download your Covid vaccination certificate through various methods, you can use the UMANG app and website to get the certificate without the referral ID. If you want to download your covid-19 certificate step by step, please continue reading this article at the end. Even after reading this article, if you have any questions or concerns about downloading your vaccination certificate through DigiLocker or the CoWIN website, please leave a comment below and we will answer all your questions or concerns as soon as possible.

You can download your vaccination certificate by your mobile phone number, by name, and from the Cowin portal or from the Cowin app. To download the Cowin certificate without a mobile phone number, you need to visit the official website or log in through the Aarogya Setu app. Children are currently being vaccinated against Covid, so they can now also download their 2022 covid-19 vaccination certificate pdf through the cowin app or

Many citizens still do not know how to book a Corona vaccination slot and how to download a Covid vaccination certificate from sources such as Umang App, Digilocker App, Aarogya Setu App, and even with their Aadhar card, Mobile ID number, identification number. , payee ID, and the Cowin portal. It is still difficult for millions of people to make an appointment for coronary vaccination, as well as download certificates from sources such as the Umang app, Aarogya Setu app, or Digi locker app, depending on their convenience.

The government has made changes to make the CoWIN portal more intuitive so that more people can register and get vaccinated. In preparation for the third wave of the coronavirus, the central government is vaccinating around 100 people every day. The 3rd phase of vaccination has already started from May 1, 2021, and anyone over the age of 18 can register for vaccination on the CoWin portal from April 28, 2021.

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