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FBVideoDown: Free Facebook Video, Reel, and Story Downloader

Nowadays, social media is the most powerful source of entertainment for us. Almost all social media platforms serve as communication mediums. Users can convey a strong message through visuals.

Take Facebook for example, users can share their thoughts in video posts, stories, or reels. And sometimes, these thoughts are actually quite useful. However, Facebook itself does not provide the function to save them instantly.

We have to take advantage of an online Facebook video downloader like FBVideoDown to save them.

What is FBVideoDown?

FBVideoDown serves as a free online downloader to save any content from Facebook. To be specific, it functions as a:

  • Facebook Video Downloader

No matter what videos it is on Facebook, FBVideoDown can download them in their original quality.

This online platform also allows you to download 90-second vertical videos.

  • Facebook Story Downloader

Not only reel video, but FBVideoDown also works as a Facebook story saver. This story content includes both photos and videos.

  • Facebook Private Downloader

This private downloader means that you can download videos from Facebook which is not open to the public. However, even though it allows you to download them, you will still need to ask permission from the creator. This action is only to respect the owner’s right.

All of these functions are available for free on any device. It also does not limit us on using them, we can download as much content as we like. 

The best of it is, FBVideoDown is ads-free. We won’t have to be annoyed with unrelated content on the website. This saves our time as well.  

Lastly, FBVideoDown is equipped with a fast server. We can download and save any content from Facebook only in a matter of seconds. 

Learn how to operate it by reading the following section. We have elaborated the step-by-step guide on using it on mobile phones and computers.

How to Download Facebook Videos on Mobile Phone Using FBVideoDown 

For Android or iPhone users, follow these steps:

Step 1. Discover the FB Videos

Visit your Facebook account and scroll through the homepage to discover interesting videos. 

Step 2: Copy the FB video link

Tap on the Share icon (or the three-dots icon) to find the Copy Link option.

Step 3: Navigate to FBVideoDown website

Open your browser (use Safari if you’re an iPhone user) and go to FBVideoDown.

Step 4: Paste the link on the website

Paste the link on the search box in the website and hit the Download button.

Step 5: Download the video

Now, all you need to do is to hit the Download button again. 

Step 6: Watch the video offline

Find the downloaded video on the Download folder or Gallery of your device and enjoy it offline!

How to Download Facebook Videos on Computer Using FBVideoDown 

As we have mentioned before, FBVideoDown is an online tool which means that you can also access it from your Windows or macOS.

These are the guide on using it on PC:

Step 1: Visit Facebook website and find the video

Firstly, you will have to visit the Facebook website and log in to your account. Once it is in, explore your home to find the video you like.

Step 2: Copy the video link

On PC, there are two ways to copy the video link. First, you can tap on the Share or three-dots icon to find the Copy Link menu. Second, which is also easier, copy the link from the address bar directly.

Step 3: Paste the link on FBVideoDown

Open FBVideoDown in a new tab, paste the link on the search box of the website, and hit the Download button.

Step 4: Download after watching the preview video

On this last page, you will see the video preview and a Download button on its bottom. Simply hit the download button after making sure the video is correct. 

Step 5: Access the video offline

Now, the video downloaded can be found in the Download folder of your PC.


Let’s wrap it up! FBVideoDown is an online downloader that allows you to download Facebook videos, stories, and reels. This site is available for free without limitation. It also does not carry any advertisements. 

With all of these features, there is no need to look for another platform.  Check it out now!

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