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Gail Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Gail Share Price Target Here you will find the target price for GAIL shares for intraday and tomorrow. GAIL or Equity Target Price Prediction – Using the Camarilla Equation Take a look at intraday, tomorrow and short-term GAIL stock price prediction using the Camarilla Equation. GAIL Stock Price Forecast for Short-Term Trading – Using the SMA Indicator The Simple Moving Average is a reliable indicator for short-term trading.

Gail Share Price Target

Gail Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

short moving average (21 days) GAIL is bearish on the short moving average. Indicator name Indicator value Indicator signal ADX 16, 20, 11 Sell MACD 2, 3 Sell Stochastic 11 Sell CCI -130 Sell RSI 52 Buy OBV -29357094 Sell VWAP 145 Sell ADL 0 Sell ROC -1 Sales Force Index 0 Gail India’s ((GAIL )) the movement of the selling price, based on a short-term time period, is strongly negative. The volume-weighted average price (VWAP) in the short term is 144.95 and Gail India (GAIL) shares are trading below this level.

Gas consumption in India increased by 11.3% from July 2019 to 173 million cubic meters per day in July 2021, which bodes well for the increase in GAIL India gas transportation volumes (we expect a 7% CAGR in FY 21-24). year).

We expect India’s 12% CAGR of natural gas demand compared to FY2123 to drive earnings up to 25% (FY21 CAGR 23). Over the course of 2022, revenues are projected to increase by 13% compared to India’s 13% growth forecast for the utilities sector. Projected net income is down 0.8% in 2022 compared to an 11% growth forecast for the utilities industry in India.

Gail Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Rising gas prices and rising prices for Brent crude oil (already $67/bbl in March 2021, up 50% from Q3 2021) should boost NGO and ILO revenue by 9-14 % per annum compared to FY21 23E. By 2022, operating cash flows are expected to increase 72% year-over-year, with free cash flow yields up to 484 basis points year-over-year for our top pick GAIL. In addition, this should result in a potential share price increase of more than 21-27% for our best stocks GAIL, GSPL and GGL.

We maintain our BUY recommendation with a revision to our target price of INR 125 (8x FY23 consolidated EBITDA). We reiterate our Buy recommendation for GAIL Indias with a revised target price of Rs 208 based on SOTP. Sharekhan is bullish on GAIL India in his September 23, 2021 research report, recommending a buy recommendation on the company with a target price of Rs 196. GAIL (India) received a retention rating from ICICI Direct in its June 14 research report. 2021, estimated price 180 rupees.

GAIL shares are up 32% this year and are now trading at Rs 315 per share. GAIL India’s recent underperformance presents an attractive opportunity for investors, with an EVE/EBITDA ratio of 6x 23E with PAT’s expected CAGR of 24% in FY21-24. We confirm that GAIL is our first large-cap choice in light of the reality of the re-optimization of commodity prices for the Company and Henry Hub risk-free contracts in the US.

GAIL is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of zinc, lead and silver. GAIL (India) Limited also manufactures, trades and sells liquefied natural gas (LNG); sells liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, pentane, naphtha, fuel oil blends, propylene and C4 hydrogenated blends; The G-Lene brand manufactures petrochemicals such as HDPE and LLDPE. In December 2017, GAIL India Limited announced the launch of India’s second largest rooftop solar photovoltaic plant in Uttar Pradesh; the power generated by the plant is used to meet its own needs for gas and petrochemical plants.

GAIL India and Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL) have signed a MoU for the construction of Plant 1 in Gujarat at a cost of Rs 1000 crores.

HDFC Securities highlighted that GAIL plans to expand into petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and renewable energy to integrate growth into GAIL’s core business. GAIL reported concerns in the GAIL gas and petrochemicals trading segment in 1HF21, which is now likely to see some growth. GAIL management expects transportation volumes to increase by 5-7% over the next few years, driven by the commissioning of a new pipeline and demand for new fertilizer applications at UP, as well as a utilization rate of at least 110% at the Petchem plant. .

We expect the LNG spot price to fall 80% from its recent peak in February 2021 to $6.6/MMBtu for May delivery to spur demand growth. The sharp drop in Asian LNG spot prices to $20/MMBTU makes GAIL US LNG contracts more attractive as they are half the price of LNG.

In the latest advertisement for LNG and Henry Hub (HH) futures, we estimate gas marketing EBITDA in the second half of the year at Rs 61.2 billion versus Rs 15.8 billion in the first half; In the third quarter of the fourth quarter, profit from the sale of U.S. LNG linked to HH at spot prices is $24.2-18.3/MMBtu, compared to $9.5/MMBtu in the second quarter.

The first target that GAIL (India) Ltd shares can reach by 2030 is around Rs 1583 and the second target for an identical share at the end of 2030 is around Rs 2404, which is about 20 times the current share of GAIL India. July 2022 GailIndia target forecast: 202.46, 176.5, 150.53 up and 86.14, 112.11, 138.07 down. May 2022 GailIndia target forecast: 186.55, 171.17, 155.78 up and 102.05, 117.44, 132.82 down. GailIndia Target Forecast Feb 25, 2022: up 156.8, 152.85, 148.9 and down 136.3, 140.25, 144.2.

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