Hindustan Petroleum Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Hindustan Petroleum Share Price Target Sources said the company’s share price is about half of the 52-week high of Rs 327.80 and its market capitalization of Rs 27,367.85 is less than the Rs 36,915 Rs. ONGC paid per share. In 2018, it grew by 51.11%. This is management’s statement that the company’s share price is below what it deserves.

BPCL shares traded on the NSE at Rs 451.40, up 0.9% from their last closing price on Wednesday. BPCL stocks outperformed the market, as did several other government stocks, despite the markets hitting new highs.

Hindustan Petroleum Share Price Target 2022

Hindustan Petroleum Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Hindustan Petroleum Corp. ended their five-session losing streak after Morgan Stanley raised its price target on the state oil market, citing consolidation in global refining markets, refinery modernization and capital efficiency gains in the oil market through share buybacks. The oil company closed up 2.88% at Rs 414.40 on Friday. On the NSE, it traded at Rs 322.50, up 3.5% from Wednesday’s close. He selected Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) for a target price of Rs 500 with a stop loss of Rs 415.

The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 1703.67 crore in the most recent quarter. Investors could buy the stock at the LTP and add further declines to the rupees. The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 1703.67 crore in the most recent quarter.

Hindustan Petroleum Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

The basic fair value of the stock is 352 rupees (separate capital cost is 295 rupees per share + investment value and CWIP is 57 rupees per share)), and the fair value of the optimal stock price is rupees. In the next two quarters, it was 378 (321 rupees/equity value + 57 shares/investment value and CWIP). Our rating on the stock is 1x December23E P/BV, and we recommend a neutral rating with a target price of 295 rupees.

The biggest risk to our claim will be a higher gross marketing margin (although it was under slight pressure on October 21, up to Rs 1.8 / 3.7 per liter for gasoline / diesel from Rs 1.3 / 2.3 per quarter) … Q) due to a sharp rise in the price of Brent crude oil.

Refining margin stood at $ 3.7 per barrel, meaning that its total contribution fell to Rs 8.1 billion from Rs 14.3 billion in the previous quarter. According to reports, GRM rose to $ 2.9 / bbl (up from $ 2.6 in the first half of fiscal 21), while marketing margin fell to $ 5.8 / liter (from $ 7. 1 rupee per liter in the 1st half of the 21st fiscal year).

We expect consolidated net debt to further increase to Rs. 604 billion in fiscal 24 from Rs 421 billion in fiscal 21, nearly 1.4 times its current market capitalization. A higher P / E ratio indicates that investors are willing to pay a higher price for the return per rupee from the stock, due to better growth expectations in the future. The 12-month average consensus target price assumes a 23.8% increase.

The new target price is Rs 415, representing 55% upside potential over current levels. HINDPETRO gives a BUY signal at the current market price of 327.8 with a target of 360.58. The price has dropped this week, but the volume has not increased significantly. The price has increased this month, but the volume has not increased significantly.

Official sources said that only if the current world oil price decline continues for several days, the price of gasoline and diesel will be lowered because domestic retail prices are set at a 15-day moving average. Petroleum marketing companies conduct daily reviews of retail gasoline and diesel prices based on the 15-day moving average of international market prices. State-owned fuel retailers Indian Petroleum Corporation (IOC), Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) review gasoline and diesel prices on a daily basis.

Petrol in Delhi currently costs Rs 103.97 per liter and diesel at Rs 86.67 per liter. And while fuel taxes may remain high, with the privatization of Bharat Petroleum Corp., Morgan Stanley sees multiple expansion opportunities as investor skepticism about the stability of fuel’s market margins shrinks.

The government hopes to receive Rs 90,000 crore from the privatization of Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd (BPCL), which is roughly double the value at which the stock is traded as the Treasury Department tries to compare fuel dealer prices with those of some of its competitors. swapped places, the official said. The government’s target price for its 52.98% stake is also based on the value of BPCL’s assets, particularly prime land in cities, a government official said on anonymity.

“If anyone thinks that the government will evaluate the BPCL only on the basis of the price of its shares, then they are wrong. According to Graham’s internal equation, you should invest in stocks if the current stock price is undervalued.

If the price touches the buy point, you can buy the stock, or if the price touches the sell point, you can sell a short position. HPCL stock price forecast or target-use Camarilla equation to check intraday, tomorrow and short-term HPCL stock price forecast using Camarilla equation. HPCL stock price prediction for short-term trading-using the simple moving average of the SMA indicator is a powerful indicator for short-term trading.

We are trying to provide you with two target stock prices that they may find at the end of 2025. The first target they can find is about Rs 1,057, and the second target is the HPCL stock price they can find-about Rs. 1270. Until the end of this decade, that is, by 2030, we can say that HPCL will become a leading brand in the oil and fuel industry with its high-income opportunities. We can understand it by ROE%, which is about 32.74%.

The higher the better, the better. In this section, we try to predict the two target stock prices of Hindustan Petroleum. The first target they can find in 2030 is about Rs 2,892, and the second target stock price they can find at the end of the decade. Approximately Rs 3,792.

The company’s efficiency in converting money from asset purchases into net income, and HPCL’s return on investment is around 8.70%, which is a very bad sign for oil stocks.

[HINDPETRO] Hindustan, so we are trying to predict the two possible targets that HPCL stock may reach by the end of 2024: the first target is about 707 rupees, and the second is that HPCL’s stock price is about 834 rupees.

In a current report, Jefferies analysts said that despite a rise in the number of non-public competitors, primary advertising EBITDA for HPCL and BPCL grew by an average of 15% in the 2017-2020 fiscal year.

Among the WTOs, Sharekhan believes that HPCL is in the best position, given its high exposure to marketing activities (marketing sales are more than 2 times higher than income from refining), taking into account an increase in market share, potential improvement in the marginal marketing of automotive fuel (which should normalize as only the WTO have resumed daily use of gasoline / diesel) and in the process of completing refinery investments.

HPCL’s marketing network consists of 21 zonal offices in major cities and 128 regional offices [15], facilitated by supply and distribution infrastructure, including terminals, aviation services facilities, LPG bottling plants, lubricant filling systems, domestic outlets connections, retail. retail outlets (filling stations) and distributors of LPG and lubricants.

HPCL focuses on the evaluation and development of hydrocarbon storage facilities in onshore and offshore projects, conducting exploration, development and production of oil and other activities in accordance with its mission.

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