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Hello friends, welcome to this post today, if you are thinking about life insurance, then definitely read this post today because today I am going to give you complete information about life insurance in Hindi.

If any of you want to get life insurance. So you must read this post today What is life insurance in this post? Its types and what are the benefits.main point

Which company do we want to get our insurance from, so that you can get your money. It should not happen that you get yourself insured from a fraud company. If you want information about which company you should get your insurance from, then you must read this post.

We hope that after reading this post, you will get a lot of information about life insurance. That is why let us know about what is life insurance .

what is life insurance

In today’s world of dangers, how much importance of our life has increased, you must be aware of this. If you make your own insurance i.e.  insurance  , then its benefit will be that your family will be able to help in your name.

If you want to help your family after your death, then life  insurance is  a safe way for you. Life insurance in  a way helps you a lot when you need it in your life

If you are the owner of the house or you have any kind of debt or you live in a rented room, then you must get your life insurance done.

how to get life insurance

If you are an Indian, then these things are being told for you, there are many such life insurance companies in our country, which gives you the opportunity to get life insurance. You can easily get your insurance coverage done in this type of company.

If you are taking life insurance from any company, then you must keep this thing in mind. Which company are you getting your insurance from? Are you doing it from any fraud company? Please confirm this. Then you get your life insurance life insurance from that company   . If you feel that people have benefited from this company by getting  life insurance  , then you can do it.

Best Life insurance company Of India

  1. LIC Insurance Corporation Of India.
  2. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.
  3. SBI Life Insurance.
  4. HDFC Standard  Life  Insurance .
  5. Max Life Insurance.
  6. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
  7.  Birla Sun Life Insurance
  8. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance.
  9. TATA AIA  Life  Insurance .
  10. PNB Metlife India Insurance.

How many types of life insurance are there?

Friends, there are some types of life insurance i.e. life insurance, through which people are insured. If you also want to insure your life. So you must read this post today completely. We hope that in today’s post you must have enjoyed knowing about life insurance

Term insurance:  – It is a long-lasting life insurance, in which if someone insures himself and that person dies, then all the insurance money he has, that is his successor ie. In the name of the nominee.

Endowment Plan: – This insurance plan is for the whole life, in which after the death of the person in whose name this plan is, it is given to his family. In this some amount is added as a bonus. In this you have to pay money every year.

ULIP ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans)  : In this, you are given the sum insured by the insurance company along with investment.

Money Back Policy  :   Money Back Policy is  similar to Endowment Plan in a way. In this, a certain part of the sum insured is paid to the insured at a fixed interval of time during the insurance period. At the end of the time, the amount is given along with the bonus.

Do not make some mistakes while getting life insurance:

  1. If you get your insurance, then you must tell the family so that your family knows and your family can be helped after your death.
  2. Getting life insurance is not a forced act, it is your responsibility, that’s why if you get your life insured, then you should get insurance of more amount, not of work amount. So that you can get more money.
  3. If you are insuring, then it is important to do research about it first, otherwise there may be fraud with you. Therefore, whenever you get insurance, know a little about that company whether this company is right.

What are the benefits of life insurance – Advantages Of Life Insurance

  1. Your family will be the biggest benefit of this, your family is protected with life insurance. If after death due to any reason, your family gets that money in the form of financial help.
  2. This will make it much easier for your family to get employment. Or it will prove to be very helpful in achieving the health and education of your family.
  3. This also saves you a lot.

last word

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