How to Write a Biography Essay

Higher education institutions use essay writing to foster research and writing skills in students. The task often involves a thorough information search and presentation with strict instructions about formatting and style. Students must also abide by the school’s regulations and avoid silly mistakes to increase their scores. As a result, essay writing trains students to improve their language, grammar, and writing. It also teaches digital skills as the assignment instructions are often shared through email and other platforms. The student must also use online libraries and databases in research and submit the final paper through an online system. Other digital skills learned through essay writing include cyber safety and security measures, including plagiarism. Some schools will ask you to write a biography about yourself to boost your self-confidence and help you identify areas of weakness and strength. This article will guide you on how to write a biography essay.

What is a Biography Essay?

Before we describe the process of writing a great biography essay, let’s define a biography essay.


A biography essay is an academic narrative paper about someone’s life. It should be linear or chronological, with detailed accounts of specific life events that define the individual under study. When required to write a biography essay about someone else, you should conduct in-depth research about the person to create a captivating story that can attract and impress the target audience.

Tips on How to Write a Biography Essay About Yourself

A biography essay about yourself helps you analyze your life and personality from a different perspective. Before you start writing, you should consider reviewing sample autobiographies online. Studying someone’s work enables you to identify the important aspects of the essay and avoid common mistakes in writing. In this case, writing about yourself sounds easy until you start typing. You often find that your story is not as captivating as you would wish. At times, there are some personal details you would want to conceal. Thus, it is crucial to follow specific steps to avoid getting stuck.

Essential Consideration

Tips on how to write a biography essay usually focus on the need to define the narrative structure. They also focus on factual and verifiable events in the subject’s life. Although these factors are important, they don’t always guarantee a good grade. Every student in a class will have the same information about the said character. What determines the differences in scores is your presentation prowess and storytelling skills. Here are some tips on how to write a biography essay.

  • Adopt a linear narrative format

Biographies are chronological with known or specific starting and endpoints. Include the birth and death dates where possible and demonstrate your knowledge about the individual.

  • Define the scope of your essay

Limit your narrative to significant events aligning with your defined theme. Include a thesis statement to show your opinion.

  • Include citations from reliable sources

Biographies are about facts. Indicate your research prowess by citing primary and secondary sources to allow the teacher room for information verification. Do not assume that the teacher has prior knowledge of the subject.

  • Seek help from professional paper writing services

Most paper writing services have expert writers in various academic disciplines with years of experience in essays and research. So you can contact CustomWritings to write your essay online and get a custom biography paper done by experts for you. They provide cheap papers from templates to complete assignments written from scratch by people whose job is primarily essay writing. You can rely on these entities for research, proofreading, or editing services. They will even help you create an outline or improve an existing document.

  • Show interest in your subject

If you have an option to choose the subject, write a biography about someone you like. You will have sufficient information about the person helping you create an in-depth narrative. Besides, choosing an interesting subject will make your composition enjoyable and your research informative.

Steps on How to Write a Good Biography Essay

  1. Find a sample

Whether you are writing an autobiography or a biography essay about someone else, using a template will help you identify the preferred style for your course or institution. Find an example online and critically review it, paying attention to the presentation style.

  1. Identify the important memories

When writing a biography essay about yourself, document the important memories about your life, and choose only those that will be most interesting. When writing about another person’s life, identify the most significant events defining the subject’s life. Leaving out known achievements about a public figure will always lead to a poor grade. For instance, you cannot write a biography about Abraham Lincoln and ignore his role as the US president. The significant events will dictate your narrative’s theme and the story’s flow.

  1. Select a defining theme

Although not all biographies and autobiographies are thematic, selecting a point or idea to focus on always helps. Pick a theme or topic that will captivate your audience. Since writing about all the details of a person’s life is daunting, focusing on a storyline can be more rewarding.

  1. Research and create an outline

Writing a biography is not the same as listing major events or creating a timeline of their achievements. It should be a narrative with a focus, direction, and flow. The best way to do this is to adopt a basic essay structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Include a thesis statement to guide the reader and demonstrate your opinion about the person. Separate the paragraphs and indicate the topic sentences to create breaks and integrate stylistic devices. Avoid monologues or descriptive formats. Engage your readers with captivating storytelling techniques and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject’s life. Show the audience that you did your research and developed a reasonable and objective opinion about the target person.

  1. Draft your paper

With the details from your research and the outline, write a first draft focusing on the accuracy of information and correctness in the presentation. Although grammar and spelling are important, the details of the events at this stage carry more weight. Strictly adhere to your outline and chosen theme despite the attractiveness of the information you find in the actual writing.

  1. Edit and proofread

Your first paper is only a draft and may require several editing and proofreading sessions before it can be considered complete. A good writer reads their work several times, identifying inconsistencies, typos, and grammatical errors. You can also use MS Word’s inbuilt grammar checker or a paid online tool to check your paper and improve accuracy. A college-level paper should have no spelling mistakes or typos.

  1. Seek an alternative opinion

Contact a professional editor or friend to get an alternative opinion about your essay. Besides, you can search for tips on writing a good essay online or seek help from custom writing entities. Biography essay examples are freely available on the internet with templates and structures. Note any identifiable mistakes and correct them before submission.

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