Itc Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Itc Share Price Target ITC – the largest cigarette manufacturer in the country – has faced pressure on its inventories over reports from an expert group proposed by the Comprehensive Tobacco Tax Policy Development Centers

. While ITC is an outstanding market leader in traditional cigarettes, hotels, cardboard, packaging and agricultural exports, it is also rapidly gaining market share in packaged food and confectionery, branded apparel, personal care and office supplies.

Itc Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

ITC Infotech India Ltd, ITC’s wholly-owned information technology subsidiary, provides IT services and solutions to key clients around the world. ITC Limited is a FMCG holding company.

ITC acquired 87.06% of the share capital of Classic Infrastructure & Development Ltd. Russell Credit Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, has acquired the entire stake in Wills Corporation Ltd. (Wills).

In 2012, ITC Ltd acquired no-par ordinary shares of Technico Pty Ltd (TPL), a company incorporated in Australia, Russell Credit Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. During the year, ITC Infotech (USA), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Infotech India Limited, signed the entire share capital of Indivate Inc., a US incorporated company.

Sanjeev Puri has been the Chief Executive Officer of ITC Limited since May 16, 2018 and has also been a Director since December 6, 2015 and Chairman since May 13, 2019. Unless otherwise noted, all financial data is based on an annualized period but is updated.

quarterly. The proposed investment advice is the solely personal point of view of the research team. More detailed information about stocks is presented below: Detailed technical analysis using all indicators.

Bullish Short Moving Average (21 days) ITC Bullish Short Moving Average. Bullish moving average (50 days) ITC is a bullish moving average. ITC short-term trading stock price prediction-using the simple moving average of the SMA indicator is a powerful indicator for short-term trading.

ITC Stock Price Prediction or Target – Using the Camarilla Equation Check the ITC stock price forecast intraday, tomorrow and short term using the Camarilla Equation. ITC Stock Price Prediction for Long Term Investment – Using Graham’s Intrinsic Value Here is a long term prediction of the ITC stock price using Graham’s intrinsic value. Here you will find the intraday and tomorrow target price for ITC shares.

According to AI Pickup, ITC Limited share price forecast for September 2022 is 410.290083918734 According to ITC Limited’s forecast, ITC Limited (NSE ITC) shares could be a good investment choice.

Technical analysts estimate that the value of each ITC share reaches Rs 250, which is 4.4% more than the current level, which encourages investors to buy the stock. ITC shares hit a 52-week low of Rs 163.40 each in October last year and are up 46.5% since then.

ITC’s share price continued to rally, rallying more than 2% to Rs 239.40 each on the BSE during intraday trading on Monday.

The stock has surpassed its previous high of Rs 239.15 each set on February 9, 2021. Meanwhile, on the BSE, ITC shares were trading at Rs 230.85, up nearly Rs 15 or 6.9%. ITC shares opened lower at Rs 235.10 from the previous day’s close at Rs 238.45.

Ongoing cost pressures have left operating margins unchanged from the same period last year and are likely to remain unchanged in the December quarter. shares fell 3.83% to INR 229.60 on BSE volumes. Cigarettes were up 9.5% year-on-year for the quarter, but that was weak basis compared to a 12% decline in the quarter a year ago.

By the way, ITC has seen a rebound in cigarette sales, with a year-on-year increase of 9.5%, and the quarterly cigarette production is “close to the level before COVID”. ITC Ltd. Motilal Oswal target 217.45 220.00 217.45 (9.66%) target to achieve broker-neutral online results report; forecast is still confusing.

Motilal Oswal’s ITC 3Q21 financial year results are broadly consistent, with cigarette sales falling by about 7% year-on-year ITC Ltd. Motilal Oswal 209.00 220.00 209.00 (14.09%) The goal is to reach the broker’s report neutral online results; the outlook is still unclear.

Motilal Oswal despite good agricultural performance This led to a decline in sales, but EBITDA and PBT were in line with our expectations.

The analyst firm also gave a positive outlook to ITC InfoTech, the company’s IT arm, whose sales rose 23%, while PAT rose 67% in the first half22. quarter 22 of the fiscal year.

According to him, ITC Infotech continues to demonstrate strong growth trends: in the first half of the 22s, profitability increased 1.7 times. Nirmal Bang has a buy rating for shares with a revised target of Rs 285 up from Rs 290 previously, putting ITC at 20x its September earnings per share.

ITC’s target forecast for Friday 1 October 2021 is 251.78, 247.16, 242.53 up and 210.52, 215.15, 219.77 down. ITC’s target forecast for Friday, 8 October 2021, is 260.71, 250.4, 240.08 upward and 201.59, 211.91, 222.22 downward. ITC’s target forecast for Friday 29 October 2021 is 269.27, 251.94, 234.6 up and 193.03, 210.37, 227.7 down. ITC’s October 2021 target projections are 235.06, 228.72, 222.38 up and 187.54, 193.88, 200.22 down.

WTC forecasts for February 2022 are 261.74, 240.05, 218.35 up and 160.86, 182.56, 204.25 down. ITC Ltd. ICICI Securities Limited Reco Target 217.45 245.00 217.45 (9.66%) Target Reached Retention Broker Report ITC Limited ICICI Securities Limited Although we expect cigarette volumes to return to FY20 levels over the next two years with stable taxation, they will remain negative growth territory in the long term.

The low base and encouraging growth in cigarette sales, structural growth in FMCG and 5% free cash flow dividends, and modest valuations have allowed Axis Capital to maintain its buy tag for ITC shares with a target price of Rs 290 each.

We adhere to Buy with a revised Target Price (TP) of Rs 260 (based on EPS of 19 Sep 21), which indicates an increase of 19% over the current market price (CMP).

Given that profitability is expected to improve in the future, we maintain our BUY recommendation for the shares with the revised Rupee target price. The brokerage retained its Buy rating for the share with a target price of Rs 270 per share.

While the stock was very active, it also helped BSE Sensex hit an all-time high of 59,000. The current move comes after stocks broke off a two-year consolidation, Jain said. Current ITC support is 235.5 and resistance is 241.8 on a 15 minute basis.

ITC Ltd. Geojit BNP Paribas Target 207.90 256.00 207.90 (14.69%) 7.36 Broker’s report on the purchase of ITC LIMITED Geojit BNP Paribas ITC’s business sector has performed well under the impetus of increasing demand, which is conducive to revenue performance.

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