Jharbhoomi – Jharbhumi Jharkhand Land Record

Jharbhoomi - Jharbhumi Jharkhand Land Record


First, visit the official Jharbhoomi portal which provides detailed information about land records of Jharkhand and click on the option where ONLINE APPLICATION is displayed. Through this online service, the residents of the state can easily see the complete information of their land, such as their Jamabandi Nakal account, Jharkhand Bhu map, etc. easily accessible to everyone.

Currently, all real estate registries are available on the Jharbhoomi Jharkhand online portal. The Jarbhumi Land Map website contains documents related to land administered by the Department of Revenue, Registration and Land Reform of Jharkhand. The State Department of Revenue has an online gateway called Jharbhoomi that provides online land registration, making it easier to purchase land and limiting the extent of any misconduct.

Like Jharkhand Bhu Naksha, Jharkhand Hasra Khatauni Now Jharkhand residents can check online with their mobile phone or laptop while sitting at home and also browse the land registry of Jharkhand, Jarbhumi and also download Bhu Naksha Jharkhand. Through this online portal, you can get all the information about land registers and Hasra online.

If you are planning to buy a property in Jharkhand and want to check the land documentation and seller information, please visit the State Land Registry Portal-Jarbhumi. On the home page of the website, you need to click on the “Public Complaints” option in the section shown on the left.

Jharbhoomi – Jharbhumi Jharkhand Land Record

DepartmentRevenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department
PurposeProviding land related information online to the people of the state.
beneficiarycitizens of the state
Official websitejharbhoomi.nic.in jharkhand

Along with the services mentioned above, the portal also provides additional features such as hatyan registration services, landscape map registries, and online payment of land tax. Just like any person in the realm of another government land parcel or Ghat number brings home information from mobile media, so the state government also forces the people of Jharkhand to check Bhu Naksha for Ki online and the download service is launched.

Residents of Jharkhand will be able to view information online about their land in Jharkhand such as Khasra, Khatauni, Land Book, Ghat Number, Land Map from home. On the Jharkhand Apna Khata website, people can enter their account number and view all land records. The Jharkhand Department of Revenue and Land Reform has launched the Jarbhumi online portal in collaboration with the State Information Centre. Jharbhumi Naksha is a land and property map registered in the Jharkhand government online domain.

Once you go to the official website, you will see the option “View full details about Khesra” on the homepage itself. The platform provides easier and faster access to various land-related documents such as mutation certificate, master records and income records, among others, which are extremely important when buying and selling real estate. Visit the Jharbhoomi official portal and select the “Account and Registration II” option, select “Registration II” and fill in all the required details, then the third step is to provide details such as the district name, land type and other additional details that are considered important.

User pays recent land rent by entering lot number and hut number to Jharkhand Government’s Revenue Registry and Land Reform Department using a credit or debit card or through an online bank account. In an effort to curb property disputes in the state, the government of Jharkhand digitized the cadastral system and launched the Jharbhoomi online portal in 2016. In addition, the portal offers advanced features such as Hatian registration services, landscape map registries, and online payment of land tax.

Registry II or pNjii-II is a section of the official website of the Bhuleh Jharkhand official portal where you can find the information you need about lands and properties registered in the state. Go to the official website using the link jharbhoomi.nic.in. Click apnaa khaataa dekheN in the menu on the left.

The page will open with a map that gives you detailed information. Districts of Jharkhand. Choose your area. Click on the block where the land is and click to search Select aNcl, hlkaa, kism jmiin Click on the appropriate maujaa kaa naam cune Scroll down and type khaataa sNkhyaa se dekheN Click on the khaataa details (Account Search) Select the form of the provided document from the list and upload it Upload the details of the land plot for which you provided the details of the uploaded documents.

Jharbhumi is an online platform created by the government of Jharkhand to allow citizens to check their land documentation online. Before we delve into the online process of accessing land registers in Jarbhumi, let’s take a look at the documents we can obtain from the portal. The Department of Revenue and Land Reform of Jharkhand has created its online portal Jharbhoomi in partnership with the National Informatics Center (NIC).

The jhaarbhuumi portal provides access to land registers in case of land purchase with accurate title deeds. It also offers a digital window to check the details of land registers, mutations, main and income registers, land transfers, online payments, tax registers and income updates. This entry was initiated by the Jharkhand Tax Office under the National Land Registry Modernization Program.

To get a map of the land of Jharbhumi, you need to go to jharbhunaksha.nic.in Apna Khata Jharkhand. In this sequence, the official website of the government of Jharkhand, jharboomi.nic.in, was sent, through which one can effectively get acquainted with land cadastres, own registers and the intricacies of geographical maps.

In addition to receiving a series of land-related data at the gateway, customers can also use the stage to pay property rent. Jharkhand is an online recording through which you can learn many intricacies related to the land online. Jarbhumi Naksha offers all the details about terrain type and terrain size.

As K. K. Soan, Secretary of Jharkhand Department of Revenue and Land Reform, pointed out, the administration was thought to be offering free and improved open aid.

On the landing page of the site, you need to enter all the necessary subtleties in the indicated places. A block map of that area will appear on the screen after selecting the area. Select Hatian currently and enter several fields including region name, territory name, land type, and number of entries.

Benefits of jhar bhoomi portal

What are the benefits of Jharkhand Jhar bhoomi portal that the citizens of the state can get, its information is given below.

  • Through the Jhar bhoomi online portal , now the people of the state can see their land details sitting at home through the internet.
  • You can get complete information about Jharkhand land map , measles, land details from a single portal.
  • Due to jharbhumi online portal , now the time of the people of the state will also be saved.
  • Projects like Digital India have been promoted through this portal. All the work on this portal is being done through digital medium.
  • The citizens of the state will no longer need to visit the Patwarkhana or any government office.

How to check your account online?

  • Firstly the applicant has to go to the official website of Jharkhand Bhoomi . You can also visit the portal jharbhoomi.nic.in by clicking here .
  • On the jharbhoomi portal home page, you have to select the option of “view your account ”.
  • Jharbhoomi apna khata
  • Now a new page will open here you will see the map of Jharkhand. Select your “District” from this map.
  • After this, another new page will open, in which a map will also appear, select your “zone” in this map.
  • Now another page will open, here you have to select the option of light and variety land, and choose the name of the plant from the list of the name of the plant below.
  • Portal Apna Khata Khoje
  • Below you will see various options for searching, choose one of these options. The list of options is given below.
  • Choose one of the various search options:
  • View all Mauja accounts by name View
  • all Mauja accounts by Khesra number View
  • by account number: View by account
  • holder’s name:

Now in the last step, as soon as you click on the button of Search Account at the bottom, you will see your account information.

How to do Jharbhoomi registration? How to apply?

  • First of all, the applicant has to go to the jharbhumi.nic.in portal.
  • On the home page of the portal, the option of “ Online Application ” has to be selected.
  • Now a new page will open, here you have to choose the option of “ Registration ”.
  • Now another new page will open where you will see Jharkhand Jharbhumi registration form .
  • Enter all the information asked in the Jhar bhoomi registration form here.
  • Registration Form
  • After entering all the information click on the “ Register Now ” button below.
  • In this way your Jharkhand application process is completed. In this way, you can register Jharkhand apna khata portal sitting at home .

How to login Jharkhand Apna Khata Portal?

  • Firstly the applicant has to visit the official website.
  • On the home page of the portal, the option of “ Online Application ” has to be selected.
  • Jharbhoomi Login
  • Now a new page will open here you have to enter the login details.
  • Enter the email, password, and captcha code and click on the login button.
  • In this way you can login jharbhoomi portal .

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