Jug Jugg Jeeyo Review : This family entertainer of Karan Johar is very funny, Varun, Kiara, Neetu and Anil Kapoor will win hearts

Jug Jugg Jeeyo Review : This family entertainer of Karan Johar is very funny, Varun, Kiara, Neetu and Anil Kapoor will win hearts

Jug Jugg Jeeyo Movie Review: Karan Johar is an expert in making family films. He has proved this many times. How to bring the whole family to the cinema hall is in the talent Karan and this has been proved once again with Jug Jug Jio. This new offering from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions is amazing and the biggest thing is that it is clean which can be seen with the whole family.


This is the story of Varun and Kiara living in Canada who want to get divorced from each other but they have to come to Patiala in India for the marriage of Varun’s sister and both think that after marriage they will do their divorce. Here Varun learns that his father Anil Kapoor also wants to divorce his mother Neetu Kapoor. What happens after this, how relationships get tangled and resolved. It is shown right here in this film. The story is told very well. The film gets to the point very quickly. You are not even tired of laughing and laughing that the interval is done. Then in the second half also the dose of fun and emotion continues. Director Raj Mehta did not let loose his grip on the film at all. The comic punch is amazing. The film also makes you laugh, makes you cry and also makes you emotional.


Every actor has done tremendous acting in the film. Anil Kapoor is very much in the character of Varun Dhawan’s father. He laughs with his expression. Anil Kapoor makes you laugh whenever he comes on screen. Varun Dhawan has done an amazing job. One is troubled by the wife, the other is troubled by the father. Varun has brilliantly expressed this problem on his face. Kiara Advani is currently the most amazing actress in Bollywood. Giving hits one after the other and here too Kiara shines differently among all the stars. From his screen presence to acting is tremendous. It is a pleasant feeling to see Neetu Kapoor on screen. Neetu Kapoor looks very beautiful and you can feel the acting she has done. She makes you cry in many scenes. Maniesh Paul is a wonderful host, this thing has become old now. Now he is also an amazing actor. His comic timing is amazing. The chemistry between Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Maniesh Paul is so amazing that you laugh holding your stomach. Prajakta has made a strong knock on the big screen after the world of YouTube. She has played her character of Varun’s sister well and looks like she will play a long innings.

The music and background music of the film are both amazing. Somewhere when the song comes, it does not seem that now to check the phone or go out. Every song suits and the songs playing in the background look amazing.

The biggest feature of this film is that it is a clean film and you can watch it with the whole family and this thing can make this film a blockbuster.

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