Kpit Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

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Kpit Share Price Target

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Many of these stocks are in a segment where they trade at attractive ratings and their fundamentals are strong. This will bring investors better long-term returns than short-term ones.

These target values ​​and stock price forecasts are valid for the short, medium and long term. The above target values ​​for the stock price are based on the movements and chart levels at which the stock has shown significant price action.

Indicator name Indicator value Indicator signal ADX 39, 16, 41 Buy MACD 62, 57 Buy Stochastic 62 No CCI 92 Buy RSI 65 Buy OBV 26491911 Sell VWAP 464 Buy ADL 0 Sell ROC 17 Buy Force Index 0 Analysis of the share of the sale price Kpit Technologies (( KPITTECH)) based on short-term time frames is negative, but sellers have recently become active on the stock.

Kpit Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

This means that there is a strong uptrend in the stock over a period of time. The stock market has been dominated by buyers this month, and this trend may continue for several days. Kpit Technologies’ monthly analysis of price action based on short-term time frames is clearly negative.

The short-term volume weighted average price (VWAP) is 297.66 and Kpit Technologies (KPITTECH) shares are trading above that level. The short-term volume weighted average price (VWAP) is 463.93 and Kpit Technologies (KPITTECH) shares are trading above that level.

After a 17% rise in share prices over the past few weeks to Rs 466, the stock is trading at a 43x forward P / E. The company is expected to post earnings per share of Rs 9.07 next year, up from Rs 5.43 last year. In its investor presentation, the company said revenue growth will continue in the second half of fiscal year 22.

Both the US and Europe are up about 20% y / y, suggesting that engineering services are in large-scale demand for KPIs. Growth was observed in all key regions (USA, Europe, Japan), but the leaders were Powertrain services (13% qoq, 31% yoy), diagnostics and Autosar.

KPIT Tech reported profit of Rs 65 crores for the quarter ended September 2021, compared to a net profit of Rs 27.8 crores in the last year’s quarter.

As you can see, there was a breakout even on the daily charts, and the volumes are also growing. If it manages to overcome the Rs 265 resistance levels, we can expect a move towards Rs 300 in the next few days. On the other hand, Rs 280 would be immediate support and Rs 250 would be strong support for any profit taking. The Rs 450 level is the nearest target and Rs 355 will act as strong support now.

The current price target of Rs 293 is an average of 4 analysts. The new target price is roughly in line with the latest closing price of Rs 345. Motilal Oswal has a buy rating for the stock with a target price of Rs 215.

The shares opened 37.62% down at Rs 135, below the 200-day moving average. IT mid-market shares have fallen more than 37 percent in the past month and more than 34 percent in the past three months.

After gaining support at 173, the stock resumed its long-term rally and turned its attention to June 190 and 199 series targets. Only buy if the stock remains above 299.9 but falls below 299.9, intraday selling may be more profitable … However, if you are trading stocks, use 299.9 as your stop loss and 324.6 as your target.

Our analyst for Ai stocks suggests that this will happen in the future and that stocks can be useful for making money.

Brokerage firm Anand Rathi sees further upside potential for multi-package shares after Q2 results and retained its Buy rating with a target price of Rs 400 per share as KPIT Techs’ revenue growth was in line with estimates and is forecasting growth among teens.

If the price of Kpit Technologies trades above 146.3, the probability of reaching the growth targets is higher.

However, if you are buying stocks, use 469.9 as your stop loss and 534.7 as your target. Use 106.8 as an intraday buy stop loss with a target of 111.12.

This means that there is a strong downtrend in the stock over a period of time. An important indicator of the growth in stock prices is their growth dynamics.

According to Anand Rati’s report, the key variable in tracking KPIt is performance – increasing margins as it benefits from more offshore space and higher utilization. Performance data provided represents past results and does not guarantee future results.

Investors are advised to invest after conducting appropriate analysis of their companies and not blindly following rumors, suggestions, etc. unfounded. Readers are encouraged to do their own research before making any investment decisions. The above views and recommendations are those of individual analysts or brokerage firms and not Mint.

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