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List of Top 5 Primary Schools in Singapore

Every parent wants the best for their child and always looks for the best. Therefore, they always go the extra mile to ensure that kids get a better education to lay a strong foundation for their future. 

Singapore’s primary education standards are renowned for rigorous teaching with better performance. Many students from all over the world, therefore, value Singaporean primary schools. However, the stiff competition among schools creates a challenge when looking for the top institutions. 

Nevertheless, most of these schools perform exceptionally with world-class amenities and safe learning environments. As a result, we have combined a list of the top 5 primary schools in Singapore that parents would consider.

  1. One World International School

One World International School (OWIS) is a highly-rated school among ex-pats in Singapore. Being an IB World School, it offers IB Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) for young learners.

OWIS is the private primary school in Singapore that maintains a clear reputation for being a center of academic excellence. Students build their critical thinking skills to be more inquisitive and focused. The lessons are in English and Chinese, with additional language support for students up to the sixth grade.

OWIS also focuses on diversity, with 70% of the students coming from various nationalities. Additionally, the 30% nationality cap for one country helps maintain a diverse learning environment for students. Currently, the school has three campuses in Singapore.

  • OWIS Nanyang Campus
  • OWIS Suntec Campus
  • OWIS Punggol Digital Campus

Each classroom holds between 18 and 24 students to provide a conducive environment for learning and interaction. The school admission process is on a first-come, first-served basis, and applications are open all year round.

  1. Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS)

Before it became one of the best non-GEP primary schools in Singapore, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS) offered free education. From there, the school became a Special Assistant Plan (SAP) institution in 1992. Given its history, the school strives to uphold Chinese values, tradition, and culture with its Chinese Arts Program (CAP) and Bi-Cultural Enrichment Programme.

Students can fully appreciate the Chinese language and its values with these programs. Lessons are delivered in Chinese and English, with specialized home-based learning. It has great popularity among non-GEP primary schools in Singapore, making it a top primary school in the country.

It also ranks among the top schools in co-curricular activities. These activities equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in a globalized world.

  1. Gongshang Primary School

Gongshang Primary School ranks 197% on the popularity index for top primary schools in Singapore. Founded in 1920, the school’s mission is to produce active learners, confident leaders, and gracious citizens who uphold Singaporean values. Gongshang Primary School adopts bilingualism in its teaching practices. 

One of the student’s main areas of interest is the Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Programme. This program is the foundation of the holistic education system in Gongshang. The school believes in molding all-around students who can explore their interests and reach their maximum potential.

  1. Rosyth School

Rosyth School was established in 1956 and got its name from Rosyth Road, where it is situated. It was among the four primary schools to be recognized for hosting the Gifted Education Programme. Currently, it is the most popular GEP primary school, with a popularity of 155%.

The primary school in Singapore centers its culture on students learning with passion, serving with compassion, and leading with vision. Rosyth is also valued for the holistic development and character-building of the students. Like most schools in Singapore, it also offers English and Chinese programs with other languages like Malay and Higher Malay for certain classes.

The learning environment also encourages science and innovation through distinctive programs. These include Augmenting Science Learning through Innovation and Programme for Aesthetics Integrations (PAIR).

  1. Catholic High School (Primary)

Catholic High School is among the top schools in Singapore, with its primary section featuring among the country’s top primary schools. Although its basic foundation is Catholic, it boasts a vast population of non-Catholic learners. In addition, CHS is a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school that fosters an environment of biculturalism and bilingualism.

Therefore, students can build proficiency in English and Chinese as they work towards academic success. As a result, the school’s popularity among the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) schools is 135%, which denotes the student’s long-standing academic excellence.

Since 1935, Catholic High School has impacted the community by nurturing different leaders and professionals who uphold the school’s reputation.

How to Choose the Best Primary School in Singapore?

After reading about the top 5 primary schools in Singapore, there are a few factors to consider when selecting one for a child. During selection, it is necessary to balance your child’s needs so they can find an option that facilitates their learning.

  • School Orientation

Most parents are torn between choosing single-sex and co-ed primary schools in Singapore. On one side, parents believe that a co-ed school gives real-world interaction experience. This environment allows students to connect with the opposite gender in a classroom setup. 

On the other hand, some of the best primary schools in Singapore are single-sex, and some parents may prefer this for their children to improve their performance and because of a school’s reputation.

  • School Location and Distance

The schools should be closer to your home for easy commuting and to have your child within reach. In addition, having a child attend a nearby school saves time and energy with the guarantee that you can respond promptly during emergencies. 

  • Co-Curricular Programmes

The top primary schools in Singapore have a balance between academic excellence and co-curricular activities. Even the schools mentioned here have co-curricular activity programs that help students develop physically and compete on a wider spectrum. 

Students can identify their talents and nurture their interests, whether in sports, music, or arts. These programs also encourage students to strengthen their team spirit and perseverance to become better citizens, leaders, and professionals.


All the schools in this list are known nationally for their excellent academic performance. They have produced thousands of great leaders and changemakers, shaping the future of Singapore. 

OWIS is one of the schools strengthening diversity with its multinational student population. Meanwhile, bilingualism also helps students understand English and Chinese at greater levels with assistance from teachers.

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