Mahabhulekh : Maharashtra Land Records | Mahabhumi

Mahabhulekh All applicants who pass the written exam must complete the minimum qualifying marks in order to proceed to the next steps of the Bhumi Abhilekh Maharashtra Clerk Inspector recruitment process 2022.

The maximum age for applicants must be 37 years old. place of residence Maharashtra Number of attempts Once per round of recruitment MAHA Bhulekh Educational Qualification Applicants taking the written test of the MAHA Bhulekh 2022 exam must meet the following main eligibility criteria.

Mahabhulekh : Maharashtra Land Records | Mahabhumi


Portal NameLand records
Beginningby Maharashtra government
ObjectiveTo get information related to Satbara, and land in Maharashtra
Site constructionNational Informatics Center (NIC) and Maharashtra Revenue Department
Application ModeOnline

MAHA Salary Structure of MAHA Bhuleh Salary in 2022 The salary scale of candidates who qualify in all rounds of the recruitment process of Clerk Surveyor Bhumi Abhileh Maharashtra in 2022 will be between INR 19,900 to INR 63,200.

You can also get detailed information about 12/7 by applying on the Maharashtra government website. You can get an extract from the land registry dated 12/7 by visiting your local tahsildar office and providing detailed information about the land along with the purpose of obtaining an extract, which is a lengthy and labor intensive process. You can access all land records in Maharashtra including 7/12 statement online or Satbaru through Bhumi Abhileh Maharashtra/mahabhuleh official website.

Benefits of Mahabhulekh Portal –

  • Information related to land can be checked through online medium from the Mahabhulekh portal.
  • For this, now you do not need to go to any government office, you can also watch online from your laptop or phone.
  • All the information related to land is available online on this portal.
  • This portal contains all the land records of Maharashtra.
  • If you want to get the information related to your land, then you can see all the information from home without going to any office or Patwari, Tehsildar.

The government of Maharashtra has digitized information about the lands under its jurisdiction to allow easy access for the entire population. Each district of Maharashtra has a registry which contains complete information about the land in the district and is maintained by the Revenue Department of the Government of Maharashtra. Issued by the tax office, this Satbara Utara 12/7 contains details such as lot owner, investigation number, ownership date, lot obligations, etc.

The number 7 represents module VII, which contains information about the owners, and the number 12 represents module XII, which contains information about the agricultural characteristics of the land.

Because it also contains records of land use, a 7/12 statement can help establish whether the land was used for agricultural purposes and what types of crops were grown. So, if you buy land or property, as soon as it is transferred to your name, it will be reflected in the 7/12 statement online. Contains relevant information such as lot number, land area, property details such as name, registration date, land type, liens and encroachments, and more.

This document serves as an important source of information to help resolve issues relating to a piece of land anywhere in Maharashtra. When you are considering buying land in Maharashtra, Satbar Uthar’s Document 7/12 is of paramount importance as it will clear up all your questions regarding the history and geography of the property. This can now be done from home as the government of Maharashtra has launched its web portal which stores data related to 7/12 SatBara Utara, landowner name, land registry, plot status, area unit, etc.

Hence, Mahabhuleh or Mahabhumi Abhileh is an online portal where the people of Maharashtra have easy access to their land records. Maharashtra government developed this mahabhuleh portal to digitize all land records also known as maha or maha bhumi abhileh.

Mahabhulekh : Maharashtra Land Records | Mahabhumi

In short, Bhuleh Mahabhumi helps save valuable time as you no longer need to visit government offices to find out the details of the land registry. The Government of Maharashtra has recently redesigned the Aaple Abhilekh Portal and the Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Online Portal to make it easier to provide information about real estate registries.

Currently, the government of Maharashtra provides 7/12 documents online through the Maha Bhuleh Portal, which is a unique platform for searching, downloading and retrieving land documents in the state. Also known as Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh, this is the Maharashtra State Land Records website that provides citizens with 7/12 and 8A statements online. The Government of Maharashtra has provided an online portal through which digitally signed 7/12, 8A documents and the property card can be viewed and downloaded, which can be used for all official and legal purposes.

Easy access to information like 7/12 Uthar or 7/12 Land Data in Maharashtra. As a landowner or potential land buyer, please visit this online portal to access important excerpts such as 7/12 and 8A and complete the relevant requirements today.

A dedicated portal helps users access the Maharashtra Land Registry database online without any hassle. If you need to do, if you want to do a land registry online in Maharashtra, the Mahabhulek portal will be used, the Mahabhulek portal is explained in detail in the process of using land information in Czech on the Internet that we have in this article. Note. To make it easier to get information about your land through the Mahabhuleh Portal, you can go directly to the department of your choice by clicking on your area on the Maharashtra map provided on the home page. After entering the relevant information, your land details will be disclosed to you.

Imagine that you have the privilege of checking land records online in Maharashtra. MahaBhulekh is the Maharashtra government’s online land registry portal for Digital Satbara 7/12 and 8A at Mahabhuleh 7/12 or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhileh (7/12 Utara in Marathi Online), the official website for accessing Earth information is now practical. The Government of Maharashtra has now made the official government website available under Bhumi Abhilekh or Mahabhulekh so that people can access their land records.

Mahabhuleh or Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilek is a Maharashtra Land Registry website providing 7/12 excerpt and 8A excerpt to citizens online. 7/12 Mahabhuleh is an extract from the Land Registry maintained by the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India.

Maha Bhumi Abhileh also provided government information loans to landowners. It was under the DILRMP that the government of Maharashtra launched the MahaBhulekh to reduce the human interface in communicating with the earth. Any online portal is launched only to provide online services to the citizens of the state, and the portal of Maharashtra Maha Bhumi Records MAHA Bhuleh serves the same purpose, when the portal of MAHA Bhuleh is not developed, then the residents of the state received documents related to land or land information.

Land registries are also known by different names in different places of the state as they are known as Jaabandi, Hasra Khatauni, registers, land data, agricultural records, farm map, land records, MAHA Bhuleh etc. There is a land registry in every district of Maharashtra , which contains detailed information about the lands in the area. Along with a 7/2 or satbara, state citizens can also get state land cards. People can access Maharashtra Mahabhuleh 7/12 in Marathi online by survey number, first name, middle name, full name, village name, Taluka name, district name.

Maharashtra Bhumi Abhileh, Mahabhuleh Portal Highlights Program Name Mahabhuleh Initiated by the Maharashtra State Government Operates only in the State of Maharashtra Active State Beneficiaries Each person participating in the Maharashtra Allowance Program can view all land related documents online, retrieve the land map and download the Land document online.

Under this program, residents of Maharashtra can access any information about land or property online through the Mahabhuleh portal. Mahabhulekh is a first class online platform which includes all the details about land and related records in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Bhumi Abhileh, also known as Waltara, Satbara and Apna Khata, serves as a useful portal for those who wish to access up-to-date information on any piece of land.

See land records portal online record details like this

  • Firstly the candidate has to visit the official website of Bhulekh for Mahabhulekh portal . As shown in the picture below –maharashtra-land-records
  • Its link is
  • The home page of the website opens in front of you, where many options come in front of you like – Pune, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nashik and Amravati, you have to choose any one of them. as shown in the picture below
  • maharashtra-land-records
  • After that click on the option of GO . After which the option of 7/12 and 8A will come in front of you, you have to click on any one of them. You can easily see in the below –maharashtra-land-records
  • After this, select the information asked on your screen like District and Taluka. You can see in the image given below –
  • Mahabhulekh-7-12-online-Maharashtra
  • Now fill in the details by selecting the Survey Number/Group Number/Akshari Survey Number/Group Number details and click on the search option. As shown in the picture below-
  • maharashtra-land-records
  • Submit by filling survey number / group number / letter survey number etc. Mahabhulekh-7-12-online-Maharashtra
  • Now complete information related to the survey number / group number / Akshari survey number given by you will come.
  • In this way your process will be completed.

Download Mahabhulekh Maharashtra Land Record App –

  • If you have an Android phone, first of all download it from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading, search by typing Mahabhulekh in the search above .
  • The link of which has also been given to you here, click here. Mahabhulekh-7-12-online-Maharashtra
  • Now the option of install will come in front of you, you have to click on it.
  • After which Maha Bhulekh app will be downloaded in your phone.

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