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Mahalaxmi Matka -Matka Guessing | Matka Result – Satta Matka

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Mahalaxmi Matka -Matka Guessing | Matka Result – Satta Matka

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Satta king or womb gambling or satta is a form of betting and lottery that originally included open and close cotton bets transferred from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

These days, Satta Mtka relies on guessing numbers to win. Over the years, the practice has changed so much that three numbers were written out of a deck of playing cards, but the name “queen” has survived. Then, in 1964, Ratan Khatri introduced the womb of the New World with minor changes to the rules of the game with more favorable odds for the public.

The Kalyanji Bhagats uterus was performed every day of the week, while the Ratan Khatris uterus passed only five days a week, from Monday to Friday, and later, when he gained immense popularity and became synonymous with his name, he was called the Main Ratan uterus.

During the heyday of textile factories in Mumbai, many factory workers played womb, resulting in bookmakers opening their stores in and around the factories, mainly located in Parela in downtown Mumbai and Kalbadevi in ​​southern Mumbai.

During the heyday of textile factories in Mumbai, many wallets played wombs, resulting in bookmakers opening their shops in and around factories, mostly located in downtown Mumbai. Gradually, it turned into a large gambling center with an increase in the number of bets and bets.

It became popular and the winning number was broadcast nationwide via telephones, helping Khatri set up business throughout the country. The number will be broadcast to all bookmakers throughout the country and to those associated with Khatri abroad. For a 25 pice bet, the return was about Rs 2.25 or more.

Among the several hundred clients, there were not many people who could claim to know this person intimately. Khatri loved to avoid people. However, this journalist had access to his treasure trove of colorful anecdotes and stories, which mostly featured famous people.

In the 1960s, the system was superseded by other methods of generating random numbers, including extracting blanks from a large clay pot known as a queen or using playing cards. In the original form of the game, open and close cotton bets were transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange by the New York Cotton Exchange via teleprinter.

The numbers were written on sheets of paper and placed in a womb, a large earthenware jug. A random number from Satta employees, and if you are lucky enough to place a bet on that number, you will be paid more than your real money.

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Term Meaning / Explanation Womb The word womb comes from the word for an earthen pot. Before Khatri Matka there was Kalyan Matka or Worli Matka, which was led by Kalyanji Bhagat. Known as the king of the womb, Ratan Khatri controlled a national illegal gambling network with international connections from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s, involving several thousand players and trading in crores of rupees.

The main man who runs the queen-playing union is known as the “King of the Satta Matka”. Kalyanji Bhagat was born as a farmer in the village of Ratadia, Gamems Vala in Katche, Gujarat. Ratan Khatri, who ruled unchallenged from the early 1960s to the 1990s as king of the womb, died on Saturday at his residence in southern Mumbai.

He worked from his Vinod Mahal building complex in Worley. He worked from his Vinod Mahal building complex in Worley. Another former employee of the IPS said: “Cases were brought against him because the uterus was illegal.

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