Mapmyindia Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Mapmyindia Share Price Target Before the start of the IPO subscription, CE Info Systems (also known as MapmyIndi​​a) raised 311.88 crore. On Wednesday, the company stated that it had raised Rs 3.12 billion from major investors before selling its shares for the first time.

The company raised 311.88 crore from 34 anchor investors on December 8, the day before its launch, and offered 30.19,183 shares to anchor investors at a price of 1,033 rupees per share. On Wednesday, December 8th, the company issued 30.19,183 shares to anchor investors at a price of 1,033 rupees per share.

Private investors, whose investments cannot exceed the maximum amount of Rs 2 million in the IPO, requested 3.28 times more than the offered shares. The non-institutional wealthy category has withdrawn 1.17 times more shares than is reserved for this category. Qualified Institutional Buyers bid 1.11 times more than stocks in this category.

CE Info Systems raised Rs 3.12 billion from 24 major investors by placing 3.02 million shares at a price of Rs 1,033 per share before the IPO. MapmyIndia’s parent company, CE Info Systems, sold these shares through an initial public offering (IPO), which became available for subscription on Thursday, December 9th, and a few hours later subscribed for more than 50% of the shares. The sale price is approximately Rs 1,039.6 crore, but the company will not receive any funds from the IPO because all funds will flow to the selling shareholders.

The company has set a price range of Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,033 per share for an IPO of Rs 1,040 crore. The company hopes to raise Rs 1,039.6 crore, the upper end of the price range, through an all-offer-to-sell (OFS) issue.

The IPO is expected to open on December 9, 2021, with a closing date set for December 13, 2021. Answer – The opening and closing dates for this IPO have been updated. Opening date December 9, 2021 Closing date December 13, 2021 Assignment date December 16, 2021 Maturity date December 17, 2021 Share loan date December 20, 2021 Listing date December 21, 2021 IPO size Rs.

Mapmyindia Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Mapmyindia Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

The Gray Market Premium (GMP) is the unofficial market demand for stocks listed on the Indian, BSE and NSE stock markets. MapmyIndia’s gray market shares have generated massive responses with a premium of nearly Rs 800.

The lead managers of the stock issuance are Axis Capital, JM Financial, Kotak Investment Banking, DAM Capital and Link Intime. Before investing in an IPO, you need to understand the fundamentals of the company. We provide detailed company overview and analysis on CE Info Systems IPO date, MapmyIndia IPO quotation, subscription, CE Info Systems Limited IPO appointment, gray market prices and other detailed information (such as company history, financial status, founders). , And other similar things. Answer-The company’s stock will be listed on the stock exchange on December 21, 2021.

The basis for the completion of the transfer is December 16, 2021, the start of the buy-back – December 17, 2021, the enrollment of the shares – December 20, 2021, the listing date of the shares – December 21, 2021 Information (MapmyIndia) is scheduled for next week, December 16, 2021 year, and the designated shares will be credited to current accounts until December 20, 2021.

MapmyIndia is expected to be listed on the BSE and NSE on December 21st. MapmyIndia is expected to be listed on the BSE and NSE on December 21st. MapmyIndia shares may be listed on the BSE and NSE on December 21st. MapmyIndia shares may appear on the BSE and NSE on December 21st.

The initial public offering (IPO) of MapmyIndia will hit the market on Thursday, December 9th. The price range of the digital mapping company for the sale of the initial share has been set at Rs 1,000-1033 per share, with a par value of Rs 2 each. A total of 10,063,945 shares will be put up for public offering under the MapmyIndia IPO with – for a new issue and 10,063,945 shares for an offer for the sale of shares.

The IPO of MapmyIndia, which Apple Maps operates on, is an entire offer of sale (OFS) from current shareholders and founders up to 10,063,945 shares. Investors Qualcomm [QCOM] and Zenrin Co. will offer up to 7.5 million shares. Although the company did not disclose the cost of the IPO, Reuters says the offer could be valued at between $ 137.1 million and $ 164.56 million. The Delhi-based company is backed by semiconductor company Qualcomm and Japanese digital mapping company Zenrin.

MapmyIndi​​a is an independent global geospatial product and platform company. It is an independent IoT map, geospatial information and localization company that can cooperate with various partners in all walks of life. MapmyIndi​​a provides products, platforms, application programming interfaces (“APIs”) and solutions in the Indian market under the MapmyIndi​​a brand and in the global market under the Mappls brand. They provide a series of digital map data, software and Internet of Things products, platforms, application programming interfaces (“API”) and solutions (Malaysia) under the brand name (MapmyIndia) for the Indian market and under the brand name for the international market. Puth).

In addition, they offer the broadest range of location software and IoT-enabled technologies than other players. N-CASE Automotive & Mobility Solution Suite – MapmyIndia delivers hyper-local, content-rich, offline, online and hybrid turn-by-turn navigation systems including connected navigation solutions, in-car commerce and voice assistant.

There are no listed companies in India that engage in activities similar to MapmyIndia. However, there are much larger global players and they are very strong in their supply areas, no other leading player offers the wide range of MapmyIndia products and services. MapmyIndia is profitable, unlike many of the current high-profile but unprofitable startups like Zomato Ltd., which is fueling India’s tech IPO boom.

MapmyIndia, based in the Delhi suburb of Okhla, is backed by PhonePe, a payment company owned by Qualcomm Inc. and Walmart Inc .. The rise in the Indian stock market has driven a crowd of internet startups to go public. However, the IPO fever is unabated, with MapmyIndias and at least three more shares expected to be sold this week. Subscribe to the mint newsletter * Please insert a valid email address * Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.

MapmyIndia IPO starts 12/09/2021 MapmyIndia IPO closes 12/13/2021 MapmyIndia IPO allocation base 12/16/2021 Maturity date of MapmyIndia IPO in cash 12.17.2021 MapmyIndia shares on Demat 20.12.2021 Listing date MapmyIndia IPO on NSE, BSE 12/21/2021 MapmyIndia Important dates related to offers, assignments, listing, redemption, etc.

MapmyIndia said anchor investors can formally submit bids on December 8, while the sale of public shares will take place from December 9-13. The offer for sale includes shares of existing shareholders including PhonePe, Zenrin, Rashmi Verma, Rakesh Kumar Verma, Qualcomm and Nayan Arun Jagjivan.

The company’s shares will be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The issue is fully up for sale and the company’s current shareholders and advertisers will sell 1.06 million shares.

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