Maruti Share Price Target 2022 , 2023, 2024 , 2025 , 2030

Maruti Share Price Target Nothing contained in this document constitutes an offer to sell or a call to buy any securities. This target, forecast or equity forecast should be used for reference and educational purposes only. These forecasts are based on some of the most widely used technical and fundamental indicators; therefore, they are expected to make accurate predictions.

Maruti Share Price Target 2022 , 2023, 2024 , 2025 , 2030

Maruti Share Price Target 2022 , 2023, 2024 , 2025 , 2030

Maruti Suzuki’s predictions and target share prices here, Maruti Suzuki’s target share prices and MARUTI Suzuki Maruti’s movement predictions for tomorrow, or Maruti Suzuki’s announcements and news. Maruti Suzuki Stock Price Forecast for the Day and Tomorrow – Using the MACD Indicator Take a look at the Maruti Suzuki Stock Price Forecast using the MACD indicator, see if you need to buy, sell or hold these stocks to trade. Maruti Suzuki shares are signaling and showing sentiment, according to the MACD indicator.

A brokerage report predicted that Maruti Suzuki’s share price would rise to Rs 12,860 per brand share over the next two years. Listing factors that could attract market bulls, the brokerage report says the Indian automaker has managed to increase its market share from 38.5% in fiscal 2012 to 47.7% in fiscal 21 and will continue to dominate the market.

Indian car market. Maruti Suzuki India share price is currently hovering around the 6800+ price level, once it surpasses 6450, its price is in the average covid range of 4500 to 6400 price level, no one can raise the price.

As you can see in our old article that we published on April 28, 2021, while Maruti Suzuki’s share price is approaching 7000+, at the same time, we predicted that Maruti’s share price could rise to 7500, but not more from- for the pressure.

the rise that we can see based on the experience of fundamental analysis and technical charting. This means that there is a strong uptrend in the stock over a period of time. The stock market has been dominated by buyers this month, and this trend may continue for several days.

Maruti Suzuki India’s share price is on an upward trend, so we believe that similar market segments have been very popular over a period of time. We believe COVID-19 has the potential to reverse demand trends, and these new trends will drive Marutis’s market share gains. Our stock analyst at Ai suggests that things will be fine in the future and stocks are meant to make money.

We repeat BUY with a target price of INR 8,190 (at 27x EPS on June 23rd). Net income is projected to rise 4.9% next year, compared to the forecast for India’s auto industry to grow by 20%.

For the quarter ended 6/30/2021, the company reported total consolidated income of Rs 18,284.30 crore, down 24.21% from the last quarter of the total revenue of Rs 24,124.20 and 236.79% more than the same quarter last year, total revenue of Rs 5429 crore. The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 439.10 crore in the most recent quarter. The company reported strong first quarter results with improved earnings, revenue and profitability.

The company attributed the rise in prices to factors such as demand by segment, currency fluctuations and the company’s strategic goals. Raw material prices rose sharply, but the company said it continues to make efforts to cut costs. Shares in the nation’s largest automaker, Maruti Susuki, rose 4.5% to hit a daily high of Rs 7,211.90 on the day following a rise in the price of its cars.

Maruti Udyog Limited was established in 1981 in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Companies Act of 1956, and the Indian government chose Suzuki Motor Company as the joint venture partner. In 2005, Suzuki Motor launched the first global strategic model “SWIFT” in India.

In 1997 they founded Maruti Service Master as a modeling workshop in India to take care of the sales. In addition, they have opened up a new business segment, Maruti True Value, for the sale, purchase and trade of used vehicles in India. The company was formed in 1981 and is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. also listed on Future & Options (NSE derivatives segment). Over the past year, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. announced a dividend of Rs 45 per share. Looking at stocks, Marutis stock has also brought diversified returns to its shareholders in recent years. Maruti Suzuki is transforming in favor of electric vehicles, and we need to wait for it to enter the market and the market trend exits.

The time period indicated by the analyst is one year, during which the price of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. can achieve a specific goal. Maruti financial results, Maruti shareholding, Maruti annual reports, Maruti liabilities, Maruti insider trading and comparison with peers. View stock prices and stock quotes in real time for a complete financial overview. Includes Maruti Suzuki stock price information such as real-time stock price, high and low days, 6 month and 1 year earnings, and more.

It evaluates a company’s price-to-earnings ratio and measures the relationship between its current stock price and its earnings per share. This indicator can help traders predict stock prices and trade accordingly. If the price touches the buy point, you can buy the stock, or if the price touches the sell point, you can sell a short position. Since large-cap stocks are important to you, here is our blue chip buying guide.

Maruti Suzuki’s share price fell 3% amid this development as brokers split the stock. After disappointing first-quarter results, shares in India’s largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki, fell nearly 3% to INR 6,965 in intraday trading on the BSE. Maruti Suzuki’s share price fell more than 3% to Rs 7,093.50 a share on the BSE after the company said it expected negative production impacts at its two factories in Haryana and Suzukis Gujarat in October. to a shortage of semiconductors.

Following the approval of the 2017 third quarter results on January 25, 2018, Maruti Suzuki’s board of directors discussed and approved the revision of the royalty calculation method of the Japanese parent company Suzuki Motor Co., which will result in the reduction of Maruti Suzuki’s new start from Ignis.

Royalties for car models. On January 27, 2017, Maruti Suzuki announced the launch of a new VXi+ variant of its small car WagonR, with a wide range of new features, including headlights, stylish front grille, alloy wheels and side skirts, dual airbags and anti-slips. Lock the braking system. .. With electronic brake-power distribution system (option).

In addition, Maruti is focusing on blank areas in its SUV product portfolio (new models are expected to be launched in this segment in the next 12 months). Maruti, as a leader in the entry-level market segment, will become one of the main beneficiaries of this demand.

Maruti Share Price 2022

January 2022 7658.820 7577.350 7577.350 7659.670-1.08 %▼
February 2022 7567.920 7374.530 7371.870 7567.920-2.62 %▼
March 2022 7372.330 7199.330 7187.190 7372.330-2.4 %▼
April 2022 7194.340 7275.850 7194.340 7348.7801.12 % ▲
May 2022 7256.390 7483.020 7221.450 7483.0203.03 % ▲
June 2022 7480.850 7564.100 7476.300 7564.1001.1 % ▲
July 2022 7561.360 7588.980 7561.360 7601.9200.36 % ▲
August 2022 7616.400 7664.370 7616.400 7686.2200.63 % ▲
September 2022 7675.810 7694.430 7669.420 7755.6900.24 % ▲
October 2022 7687.130 7828.860 7667.580 7828.8601.81 % ▲
November 2022 7829.340 7794.450 7751.530 7829.340-0.45 %▼
December 2022 7810.880 7933.840 7809.030 7943.5501.55 % ▲

Maruti Share Price 2023

January 2023 7943.360 7864.320 7864.320 7944.270-1.01 %▼
February 2023 7847.080 7659.740 7659.560 7847.080-2.45 %▼
March 2023 7649.660 7472.950 7469.480 7655.850-2.36 %▼
April 2023 7499.990 7572.910 7499.990 7633.7900.96 % ▲
May 2023 7552.420 7758.110 7505.930 7758.5002.65 % ▲
June 2023 7772.780 7836.860 7759.720 7839.1400.82 % ▲
July 2023 7866.440 7892.860 7856.710 7892.8600.33 % ▲
August 2023 7899.390 7957.000 7898.350 7971.2300.72 % ▲
September 2023 7949.670 7987.020 7949.670 8040.4800.47 % ▲
October 2023 7977.950 8113.250 7953.630 8113.2501.67 % ▲
November 2023 8106.090 8085.770 8037.330 8114.300-0.25 %▼
December 2023 8083.540 8218.110 8083.540 8227.6901.64 % ▲

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