Ncert Class 6th Social Science Solutions

S.L. No.ContentsEnglish
Chapter 1:What, Where, How and When?Read Now
Chapter 2:On The Trial of the Earliest PeopleRead Now
Chapter 3:From Gathering to Growing FoodRead Now
Chapter 4:In the Earliest CitiesRead Now
Chapter 5:What Books and Burials Tell UsRead Now
Chapter 6:Kingdoms, Kings and the Early RepublicRead Now
Chapter 7:New Questions and IdeasRead Now
Chapter 8:Ashoka, The Emperor Who Gave Up WarRead Now
Chapter 9:Vital Villages, Thriving TownsRead Now
Chapter 10:Traders, Kings, and PilgrimsRead Now
Chapter 11:New Empires and KingdomsRead Now
Chapter 12:Buildings, Paintings, and BooksRead Now

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