NCERT Solutions Class 7 English 

S.L. No.ContentsEnglish
Chapter 1:IntegersRead Now
Chapter 2:Fractions and DecimalsRead Now
Chapter 3:Data HandlingRead Now
Chapter 4:Simple EquationsRead Now
Chapter 5:Lines and AnglesRead Now
Chapter 6:The Triangles and its PropertiesRead Now
Chapter 7:Congruence of TrianglesRead Now
Chapter 8:Comparing QuantitiesRead Now
Chapter 9:Rational NumbersRead Now
Chapter 10:Practical GeometryRead Now
Chapter 11:Perimeter and AreaRead Now
Chapter 12:Algebraic ExpressionsRead Now
Chapter 13:Exponents and PowersRead Now
Chapter 14:SymmetryRead Now
Chapter 15:Visualizing Solid ShapesRead Now
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