Nhpc Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

Nhpc Share Price Target Register Now To Analyze Stocks NHPC Ltd shares are valued at 10 on a 10-point scale. Stock Analysis: Find Out Before Investing. The valuation of NHPC Ltd shares has increased by 1 in 3 months on a 10-point scale.

According to AI Pickup, NHPC Limited share price forecast for December 2021 is 31.8872364063156. NHPC Limited (NSE NHPC) shares may be a good investment choice, according to NHPC Limited share price predictions.

At the current price of 32.6 rupees, NHPC shares are trading at 22.35% versus the 200-day moving average. NHPC shares are currently trading at Rs 32.6 and have risen 59.02% in the past 365 days. As of 11/18/21, NHPC shares are trading at Rs 32.6, giving the company a market cap of PS 3.27 billion.

Nhpc Share Price Target & Forecast

You can also use this NHPC stock price forecast for short-term trading. NHPC stock price forecast or target-using the Camarilla equation Take a look at the daily, tomorrow, and short-term NHPC stock price forecasts using the Camarilla equation.

NHPC short-term trading stock price prediction-using the simple moving average of the SMA indicator is a powerful indicator for short-term trading. Bullish short moving average (21 days) NHPC is bullish short moving average.

Nhpc’s weekly price action analysis based on short-term time frames is positive, but the trend is very volatile. NHPC’s daily analysis of price action based on short to medium term time frames is clearly negative. This means that there is a strong uptrend in the stock over a period of time. The stock is up just over 33% since the start of the year, with the largest gains since mid-August.

ICICI Securities maintains its BUY shares, but slightly increases its target price to Rs 35 (up from 34). ICICI Securities maintains its BUY rating but slightly increases its target price to Rs 35 (up from 34), including other higher earnings. We maintain our ADD rating for the stock with an unchanged target price of INR 610 per share (6x EBITDA as of March 23rd).

Nhpc Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

The NHPC capex guide found that the current quarter was impacted by INR 0.6 billion due. In addition, there is still a long way to go before the project is commissioned (on the other hand, the volume of capital expenditures in FY24 is expected to increase as the company invests / explores new projects, which should reduce free cash flow and reduce the return on equity in the other hand, the short-term rate is expected to rise as the company invests / explores new projects. The company reported a net profit after taxes of Rs 984.56 in the last quarter. capacity has been significantly increased over the past few years, we expect an increase of 800 MW / 2 000 MW in the next 2/4 years.

The main risks include the sale of large shares of GOI and the untimely implementation of the project. The organizers owned 71% of the company’s capital as of June 30, 2021, while FII held 4.3%, DII 15.2%, and the public and others 9.6%. The organizers owned 71% of the company’s capital as of June 30, 2021, while FII had 4.3%, DII had 15.2%, and the public and others had 9.5%.

NHPC Ltd was incorporated as a limited liability company on November 7, 1975, under the name National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Pvt Ltd. On April 2, 1986, the company was restructured into a public limited company.

The company was founded with the aim of planning, promoting and organizing the integrated and efficient development of hydropower in all its aspects. The company’s services include construction, generation, operation and maintenance of power plants and projects. NHPC is a hydropower company dedicated to the planning, design and implementation of an integrated and efficient network of hydropower projects in India.

NHPC Limited, together with its subsidiaries, produces and sells electricity in India. NHPC is the only and largest utility company in the country with full responsibility for clean technologies. Analysts at NHPC currently have an EPS of 3.36 consensus for the next fiscal year.

These target values ​​and stock price forecasts are valid for the short, medium and long term. If the Nhpc price is trading above 32.12, the probability of hitting the growth targets is higher. If the Nhpc price is trading below 32.12, the likelihood of hitting the downside targets is higher. Current NHPC support is at 32.2 and resistance is at 32.45 on a 15 minute basis.

The investment advice provided is the solely personal point of view of the research team. Therefore, Fusion Media is not responsible for any business damages that you may incur as a result of your use of this data. Unless otherwise noted, all financial data is based on an annualized period but is updated quarterly.

According to Graham’s internal equation, if the current stock price is undervalued, you should invest in stocks. This indicator can help traders predict stock prices and trade accordingly. To buy NHPC stock, you need an online or offline stockbroker trading account. NHPC Ltd, SJVN Ltd and the Manipur state government will hold 69%, 26% and 5% respectively.

On April 28, 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between NHPC Ltd, the Government of Manipur and SJVN Ltd to establish a joint venture to implement the 1,500 MW Tipaimukh (Multipurpose) Hydroelectric Power Plant project in Manipur.

NHPC has signed a memorandum of understanding with the J&K government to implement five hydropower projects with a total capacity of 4,134 MW with an estimated investment of Rs 350 billion.

NHPC recently received approval for two projects : Jal Power Corporation (JPCL) Rangit stage-IV and Ratle. The Board of Directors also approved NHPC’s investment in a joint venture of Rs 510 million, in which NHPC will own 51% of the shares and the remainder will be held by JKSPDCL.

The NHPC Board of Directors, at its meeting on February 7, 2017, approved the buyback by the company of fully paid-up capital shares in the amount of Rs 10 each, but not more than Rs 81.13 crores, which is 7.33% of the total paid-in shares.

share capital of the company at a price of Rs 32.25 per share with an aggregate remuneration not exceeding Rs 2,616.59 crores in the Bid process.

The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 1,388.13 crore in the most recent quarter. The company reported strong second quarter results with improved earnings, revenue and profitability.

The company reported solid first-quarter results with improved earnings and margins, although revenues were weaker.

Net debt declined marginally by 1% QoQ to Rs 28.2bn and is expected to decline further driven by higher sales, upcoming launches and stable pricing.

We revised our SoTP price target to INR 29 from Rs 27 previously (+ 9% on CMP, valuation – core business 1.3x P / BV, RoE 10.0%, CoE 13.5% and 23BV for fiscal year 36 rupees per share), taking into account the improvement in cash.

cash flow and balances in fiscal 21. At this level, they trade at a 3.5% discount to the 0.00 consensus price target.

Price trends tend to persist, so it’s worth investigating when it comes to stocks like the NHPC. NHPC’s share price is on an upward trend, which is why we believe that similar market segments have been very popular over a period of time.

Currently, there seems to be a trend in which stocks in this sector (s) have been popular during this period.

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