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PAC is an abbreviation that can stand for several different things, depending on the context in which it is used. Some common meanings for PAC include:

  1. Political Action Committee: A political action committee (PAC) is a type of organization that raises and spends money to elect or defeat candidates for political office. PACs are typically associated with special interest groups or organizations that have a specific political agenda.
  2. Public Affairs Council: The Public Affairs Council is a professional association for public affairs professionals, including those who work in government relations, public relations, and corporate communication.
  3. Packing: In the context of shipping and logistics, PAC may stand for packing.
  4. Performance Appraisal Committee: A Performance Appraisal Committee (PAC) is a group of individuals who are responsible for evaluating the performance of employees or students.
  5. Pac-Man: Pac-Man is a classic video game in which players control a character called Pac-Man as he navigates a maze, eating dots and avoiding ghosts.

It’s important to consider the context in which PAC is used to determine its full meaning.

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