Polycab share price target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

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Polycab share price target

Polycab Stock Price Prediction or Target – Using the Camarilla Equation Take a look at the intraday, tomorrow, and short term Polycab stock price forecast using the Camarilla Equation. Polycab Stock Price Forecast for the Day and Tomorrow – Using the MACD Indicator Check the Polycab stock price forecast using the MACD indicator to see if you should buy, sell or hold these stocks to trade.

Indicator name Meaning of ADX Signal 22, 20, 5 Buy MACD 53, 34 Buy Stochastic 90 Buy CCI 148 Buy RSI 59 Buy OBV 77021 Sell VWAP 2394 Buy ADL 0 Sell ROC 8 Buy Force Index 0 Analysis of the action of the sell price Polycab ((Polycab) ) on a short-term timeframe basis is positive, but there have been more buyers on the stock lately.

Polycab India ((POLYCAB)) price action analysis based on short to medium term time frames is negative, but the trend is very volatile. Analysis of the price behavior of Polycab India ((POLYCAB)) based on medium and long term time frames is very negative.

According to AI Pickup, Polycab India Limited share price forecast for November 2022 is 2676.45536967897. Polycab India Limited (NSE POLYCAB) shares could be a good investment choice, according to Polycab India Limited.

Centrum Broking has repurchased Polycab India shares at a target price of Rs 3,110. He rates Polycab at 25x FY23E of Rs 76 to hit a target price of Rs 1,900 per share, which implies 10% upside potential from CMP. He set a target price for Polycab at Rs 3,200 apiece, which implies 30.7% upside potential. HSBC Global named Polycab as the market leader, value and price leader and largest exporter of cables and wires in the Indian market.

Sharekhan believes the company is on a healthy growth trajectory due to its leadership position and strong product portfolio in both wires, cables and FMEG segments, as well as strong in-house distributors and manufacturing capabilities. The company launched Project Leap and set a goal of over Rs 20,000 in revenue over the next 5 years. The company is expected to post earnings per share of Rs 55.70 next year, up from Rs 59.20 last year.

On November 9, Chetan Deshmuk sold about 1,000 Shares on the market at about Rs 2,448 per share. Large-cap stocks hit a record high of Rs 1,652.6, up 7.09% from the previous close of Rs 1,543 on the BSE.

Polycab share price target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 & 2030

The company reported a net income after tax of Rs 200.84 crore in the most recent quarter. For the quarter ended 9/30/2021, the company reported a consolidated consolidated income of Rs 3,155.23, up 65.56% over the previous quarter, Rs 1,905.81 crores and 47.00% over the same quarter. quarter of last year.

The company’s consolidated second quarter net income declined 9.4% to Rs 200.52 crore in September 2021. The company reported mediocre second quarter results with weaker profit and margins, although revenue improved.

Profits are expected to rebound sharply in the next fiscal year after the decline (38%). The consolidation in copper prices from mid-June is expected to result in restocking in retail, resumption of primary sales and lower inventory levels.

The price has increased this month, but the volume has not increased significantly. The price has dropped this week, but the volume has not increased significantly.

The short-term volume weighted average price (VWAP) is 2,446.39 and Polycab India (POLYCAB) is trading below that level.

The short-term volume weighted average (VWAP) is 2,393.83 and Polycab (Polycab) is trading above that level. This is a BUY zone According to the indicator, Polycab shares are gaining momentum for buying.

Odds down 2,346.75 Horizon Target odds up 2,346.75 69.14% 90 days 2.347 30.75% Based on a normal probability distribution, the probability that POLYCAB INDIA will exceed the current price in 90 days is approximately 30.75 (this function POLYCAB INDIA LTD probability density shows the probability that POLYCAB stock will fall within a certain price range within 90 days).

When the price of the chosen benchmark falls in a bear market, the price of POLYCAB INDIA shares can rise when buyers conclude that the activity is cheap.

The market markup is part of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) that most analysts and investors use to calculate an acceptable rate of return on an investment in POLYCAB INDIA.

Approximately 72.0% of the issued shares of the company are held by corporate insiders Legal name POLYCAB INDIA LTD Macroaxis Consulting In contrast to the general consensus of analysts, the recommendation to buy, hold or sell Macroaxis is given in the context of the current investment horizon and risk tolerance.

The time period specified by the analyst is one year, during which the price of Polycab India Ltd. can achieve a specific goal. PolycabIndia’s target forecast for Friday, December 3, 2021 is 2688.33, 2638.45, 2588.57 up and 2299.77, 2349.65, 2399.53 down. PolycabIndia’s target projections for December 2021 are 2664.58, 2562.82, 2461.05 up and 1858.22, 1959.99, 2061.75 down.

The current price target of Rs 2,285 is an average of 17 analysts. Sharekhan has set a target price for Persistent Systems at Rs 4,160, up from the current market price of Rs 3,599. Sharekhan believes Polycab shares are a good buy at current levels and the stock could reach a target price of Rs 2,850 from current Rs 2,468 levels.

Polycab also has ample leeway to improve its working capital cycle, as 65% of C&W’s revenue is currently funded through channel funding and 18-20% through FMEG. The report says the company can achieve most of its goals, including its revenue target.

Clients include institutional clients such as L&T Construction and government clients such as Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd..

Polycab India conducted an initial public offering (IPO) of 25,022,067 company shares, each with a par value of 10 rupees, sold in cash at a specified price. 538 rupees per share (including a premium of 528 rupees per share), for a total of 1,345.26 rupees.

The offer includes 7,440,067 new shares issued by the company (new issue) for a total of Rs 4 billion, as well as an offer to sell 17,582,000 shares to investors, shareholders of the promoter, and shareholders of the sale of shares. The promoter group, and the sole sales shareholder. The total income is 945.26 rupees.

Since June 30, 2018, the company has been managing its sales and marketing activities through its corporate office, three regional offices and 20 local offices in various parts of India. They supply products directly to authorized resellers and distributors who in turn supply over 100,000 points of sale in India. The company was founded on January 10, 1996 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

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