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The use of the pressure regulator in automobiles

Today you can commonly see the use of methane gas, CNG and LPG in different parts of the world to power the automobile industry. The reason that these gases are being used to power cars is because they are cheaper and more eco-friendly. The reason people are shifting towards these fueling mediums is because diesel and petrol are becoming more expensive every turning day and are also getting short in the commercial market. Now when we hear about the use of gases as fuel in cars the first thing that comes to our mind is pressure regulation. Well you should know that today modern automobile companies are using electronically controlled pressure regulators to maintain the output pressure of gas coming from the tank. If your old car is using the mechanical regulation system then you need to get it changed with a digital pressure regulator as there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy with it!

What is the use of electronically controlled pressure regulators in cars?

Here we have listed some of the uses of the modern electronic pressure regulators in automobiles!

  • The first use of these regulators is that they maintain the internal pressure of gas in the tank. You must understand that liquefied natural gas or compressed natural gas is set at a specific pressure where they can work as liquids. Now if the pressure of these gases is not maintained then the cylinder tank of the car can simply explode. This is why today you can see the use of high quality electronic pneumatic regulators to bring the gas to the desired pressure for operations.
  • Electronically controlled pressure regulators are not only used to maintain the pressure of the gas in the tank but its primary purpose is to maintain the output pressure of gas going to the engine.  If the pressure of gas is not maintained on the way to combustion then it is going to ruin the fuel efficiency of the gas and the car. This is why in advanced vehicles you can see the use of the low flow electronic pressure regulators. These regulators can ensure that your car takes less gas and gives you a good mileage.

How to know if your car needs to get a new pressure regulator?

If you want to know whether your car needs a new regulator or not then to check these points:

  1. You have to check if your car misfires. A very common sign that shows that your pressure regulator is faulty is when your vehicle starts misfiring. 
  2. You can also check for any leakage in fuel. If your car’s mileage has become low all of a sudden then it means that you need a new electronically controlled pressure regulator.
  3. If you see black smoke coming out of the car then it is another indication that you need to change your pressure regulator. 

These are the signs that would tell you whether you need to see a mechanic and get your regulator changed. Other than this you can see the use of air pressure controller in modern cars to maintain air pressure in tires!

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