Punjabi University Patiala Result

Mottoਵਿਦਿਆ ਵੀਚਾਰੀ ਤਾਂ ਪਰਉਪਕਾਰੀ
Motto in EnglishEducation Empowers
TypePublic State University
Parent institutionPunjab Government
ChancellorBanwarilal Purohit, Governor of Punjab
Vice-ChancellorDr. Arvind
LocationPatiala, Punjab, 147002, India
30.36°N 76.45°ECoordinates: 30.36°N 76.45°E
LanguagePunjabi, English
AffiliationsUGC , NAAC , AIU

Punjabi University Patiala Result

Punjabi University Patiala Result is the most awaited event of the year for those who are waiting to know their result. The university has been conducting its exams for a long time and now it is time to declare the results.

This year, the university conducted its exams for various courses like BA, BSc, MA etc.

The result will be announced soon and all those who are waiting can check their result on this page by entering their roll number or name.

Name of OrganizationPunjabi University, Patiala Punjab
Exam NameAnnual & Semester
Article CategoryUniversity Result
CoursesUG/PG Courses
Mode of ResultOnline
Punjabi University Patiala ResultsAvailable here
Official Websitehttp://www.punjabiuniversity.ac.in/

B.P.E. Part – I Sem – II (Three Year Course )– MAY-2022

M.B.A. (Financial Management) FYIC (Semester-IV) Re appear– MAY-2022

B.Sc. B.Ed. Part – III (Semester – V)– DEC-2021

B.Sc. B.Ed. Part – II (Semester – III)– DEC-2021

B.Sc. B.Ed. Part – I (Semester – I)– DEC-2021

Diploma in Agricultural Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. ( Information Technology ) Sem – IV– MAY-2022

B.Pharmacy Sem II– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors School Course in Social Science Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Philosophy Sem-II PRIVATE– MAY-2022

M.Com. Finance Sem-II– MAY-2022

Diploma in Library Science (One Year)– APR-2022


Certificate Course in Questioned Document & Finger Prints– APR-2022

M.B.A. Sem-III (Regular) (Preponement)– JUL-2022

B.Sc. (C.S.M.) Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Sc. (C.S.M.) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. TV & Film Production Sem-I (Reappear)– DEC-2021

B.A. Sem-I– DEC-2014

B.A. Sem-II Reappear– MAY-2016

M.C.A. SEMESTER – II (Two Year Course)– MAY-2022

B.A. Part-I (Annual)– APR-2014

B.A. Part-I (Annual)– APR-2015

B.A. Honors School Course In Political Science Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors School Course In Political Science Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Political Science Sem-II (Private, Distance Education & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

M.Tech. (CE,ECE,S.T. & ME) Sem-IV Part-Time– MAY-2022


B.Lib.(Annual) Re-appear– APR-2022

M.Lib. (Annual) Re-appear– APR-2022

B.Com. Honors (Sem-II)– MAY-2022

B.A. Honours School Course in Punjabi Part-I ( Semester-II )– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors School Course in Punjabi Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Urdu Sem-II (Private)– MAY-2022

Certificate Course in Computer Basic and Office Automation (Six Months)– MAY-2022

B.B.A. Sem-IV (Regular & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

B.Sc.(Hons) M.Sc (FYIC) in Chemistry Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Honors (Five Year Course) Botany Sem-VIII– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Gurmat Sangeet-Gayan Sem-I (Online Course)– DEC-2021

M.A. History Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Physics Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Statistics Sem-II– MAY-2022



M.Com. Semester – II– MAY-2022

B.Com. Professional (Sem-IV)– MAY-2014

B.Com. Professional (Sem-IV)– MAY-2013

B.Com. Professional Sem-III– NOV-2012

B.Com. Professional Sem-I– NOV-2011

M.P.Ed. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (C.S.E) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc Sports Coaching Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Zoology Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) Sem-III (Preponement)– AUG-2022

B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) Sem-VI (Preponement)– OCT-2022

B.A.B.Ed. Sem-VIII– MAY-2022

B.A. Part-I (Annual)– SEP-2014

M.Sc. Geography Sem-II– MAY-2022

Diploma in Agriculture Sem-II– MAY-2022

Certificate Course in Persian– APR-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Fitness Trainer Sem-II– MAY-2022

P.G. Diploma in Punjabi Sahit Rachnatmik Lekhan Bhaag Sem-II– MAY-2022

Certificate Course in Urdu– APR-2022

B.Ed. Annual– SEP-2021

B.Ed. Sem-IV (Regular & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

M.A. Gurmat Sangeet-Gayan Sem-III (Online Course)– DEC-2021

M.A. Tabla Sem-III (Online Course)– DEC-2021

M.A. Education Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Civil) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.A.L.L.B. Sem-II (Preponement)– NOV-2022

B.Voc. Fashion Technology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc (Graphic and Animation) Semester-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc (Cyber Security) Semester-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc (Journalism and Multimedia Technologies) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Com. Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.B.A. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

M.Ed. Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.A. Part-II (Annual)– APR-2012

B.A. Part-I– APR-2011

B.Ed. ( Annual )– APR-2014

B.Ed. Sem-IV (DE)– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Chemistry Sem-II– MAY-2022

Certificate Course in Organic Farming (Six month Course)– DEC-2021

B.A. with (Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-II (Online Mode)– MAY-2022

M.O.P. (Semester II,IV & VI)– MAY-2022

M.O.P. (Semester I,III & V)– DEC-2021

B.Voc. Retail Management & Information Technology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc. Food Processing Sem IV (Regular and Re-appear)– MAY-2022

B.Voc (Medical Lab and Molecular Diagnostic Technology) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc. Software Development Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc (Garment Designing) Semester-IV– MAY-2022

B.Voc. (Renewable Energy Technology) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Political Science Sem-IV (Reappear)– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Honors (Two Year Course) Botany Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Honors Biotechnology Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Ed. Semester – IV– MAY-2022

B.Com.L.L.B (Semester-II)– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors School Course In English (Sem-IV)– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-II (Five Year)– MAY-2022

Punjabi Praveshka– APR-2022

M.A. Philosophy Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. (Public Administration) Semester – II– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Agriculture (Four Year Course) Sem-VI– MAY-2022

B.A.L.L.B. Sem-II (Re-appear)– MAY-2022

B.Ed. Special Education (M.R.) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. English Part-I (Annual)– APR-2014

B.Com. Honors (Sem-IV)– MAY-2022

B.Lib. Sem-II (D.E) (Non Grading))– MAY-2022

B.A.Honors School Course in English Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Com. Sem-VI (Preponement)– DEC-2021

B.Com. Sem-IV (Preponement)– DEC-2021

B.Com. Sem-I (Special Chance)– DEC-2021

B.Sc. (Biotechnology) Sem-I– DEC-2015

B.A. Sem-III (Private, Distance Education and Reappear )– DEC-2021

M.Sc.Botany Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Honors M.F.T. Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Human Genetics (Sem-II)– MAY-2022

M.B.A. (Financial Management) FYIC (Semester-IV– MAY-2022

B.Tech.(E.C.E.) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Electronics & Computer Engg.) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.A.L.L.B. Sem-VI– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors Sem-III (Pass Course)– DEC-2021

M.A. Religious Studies Sem-II (DE, Private & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

M.A. Urdu Sem-IV (Private)– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Sem-II– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Dress Designing & Tailoring Sem-II– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Folk Dances of Punjab Sem-II– MAY-2022

Bachelor of Physical Education B.P.E. (Sem-VI) Lateral Entry– MAY-2022

M.A. Sikh Studies Sem-II (Private & Distance Education)– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Honors in Artificial Intelligence & Data Sc. (Semester -VI)– MAY-2022

M.A. Political Science Sem-IV (Private, Distance Education & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-I (Two Year)– DEC-2021

M.A. Economics Sem-I– DEC-2013

M.Tech. CSE Semester-IV– MAY-2022

M.Tech. (C.S.E.) Sem-VI (Part-Time) Grading– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics & Computing Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Com. Part-III (Annual) (Spl. Chance)– SEP-2021

M.A. Education Sem-II (Distance Education)– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-IX (FIVE YEAR)– DEC-2021

M.Sc. ( Information Technology ) Part – II Sem – IV– DEC-2021

B.Com. Sem-V (Spl. Exam)– DEC-2021

B.A. Additional– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Financial Management Sem-VI (Five Year)– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Financial Management (Two Year) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

Certificate Course in Bakery & Cookery (Six month Course)– APR-2022

Certificate Course in Computer Applications (Six Months)– APR-2022

Certificate Course in Sanskrit (One Year)– APR-2022

B.Voc. Software Development Sem-III (Preponement)– AUG-2022

B.Com. Professional Sem-III (Spcial Chance)– DEC-2021

B.Com. Professional Sem-I– DEC-2014

M.Sc. Fashion Technology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Com. Honors (Five Year Course) Sem-III– DEC-2016

M.Sc. Mathematics Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Sc (Fashion Tech.) Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Math & Computing. Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc.Chemistry (Hons School) 5 Year Sem-II– MAY-2022

Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management Sem-IV– MAY-2022

Bachelor of Hotel Management Sem-VI– MAY-2022

B.Com. Sem-II– MAY-2015

B.Com. Sem-I– DEC-2014

M.A. Religious Studies Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Ed. Sem-I– DEC-2021

B.A.L.L.B. Sem-IX (Preponement)– JUL-2021

B.P.E. (Deficient) (Semester – III) Three Year Course– DEC-2021

B.P.E. (Deficient) (Semester-I)– DEC-2021

M.B.A. Sem-II (Flagship)– MAY-2022

B.A. Additional– DEC-2021

Crash Course in Punjabi as Second Foreign Language– DEC-2021

Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management Sem – VI– MAY-2022

B.Sc. (Human Development) Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Mechanical Engg.) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.A.B.Ed. Sem-I– DEC-2021

M.Tech. (CE, ECE & ME) Sem-VI ( Part Time)– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Medical/Non-Medical (Hons. in Forensic Science) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

Bachelor of Hotel Management Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. History Sem-IV (Private, DE & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Agriculture ( Four Year ) Sem – II– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Agriculture (Four Year) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Hindi Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.B.A. Applied Management Sem-VIII– MAY-2022

M.Tech. (CE, ECE,TE & ME) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. English Sem-III (Reappear of Distance Education)– DEC-2021

M.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Botany (Sem-IV)– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences Sem-II– MAY-2022

Gyani– APR-2022

M.Com. Hons Sem-IV (Five Year Course)– MAY-2022

B.A. with (Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-I (Online Course)– DEC-2021

M.J.M.C. Sem-II (Distance Education)– MAY-2022

M.Com. Honors (FYIC) Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Com. Honors Five Year Integrated Sem-VIII– MAY-2022

B.Sc (Honors) Physics Sem-II– MAY-2022

Bachelor of Hotel Management Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. English Improvement– APR-2021

M.A.(English) Improvement (Semester System)– DEC-2021

M.A.(English) Improvement (Semester System)– MAY-2021

Diploma In E.C.E. (Semester- III) Preponement– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (C.S.E) Sem -VI– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Agriculture (Horticulture) Semester-VIII– MAY-2022

M.A. Psychology Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Women Studies Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Linguistics Sem-II (Private )– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology Sem-II– MAY-2022

P.G.D.C.A. (Annual)– APR-2022

B.Sc. Honors School Course in Economics Sem-II– OCT-2021

M.A. TV & Film Production Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.A.L.L.B. Sem-I (Preponement)– JUL-2022

B.Sc. Honors Chemistry Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Sc. Honors in Artificial Intelligence & Data Sc. (Semester – IV)– MAY-2022

Diploma in Food and Beverage Service Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Music Instrumental Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Sikh Studies Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Fine Arts Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Gurmat Sangeet Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Linguistics Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.J.M.C. Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Music Vocal Sem – II– MAY-2022

M.A. Sanskrit Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Fashion Design & Technology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Philosophy Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Religious Studies Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Agriculture (Agronomy) Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Biotechnology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Forensic Science Sem-II– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Forensic Science Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Human Genetics Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Microbiology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Food & Nutrition Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Tech. E.C.E. Sem-VI– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Zoology Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors Sem-VI (Pass Course)– MAY-2022

M.Com. Finance Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) Semester – VII (Preponement)– AUG-2022

B.Tech. (Civil Engg.) Sem-VI– MAY-2022

M.A. English (Sem-II) Special Chance– SEP-2021

M.A. English (Sem-IV) Special Chance– SEP-2021

M.A. Defense Studies Sem-II (Private)– MAY-2022

M.A. Persian Sem-IV (Private)– MAY-2022

B.B.A. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear) Sepcial Chance– MAY-2022

B.B.A. Sem-IV (Special Chance)– MAY-2022

M.C.A. (Five Year Integrated Course) Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Sem-VI– MAY-2022

Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Mgmt. (Semester – II)– MAY-2022


B.P.E.S. (Three Year Course) Sem-VI (Regular)– MAY-2022

M.A. Religious Studies Sem-IV (DE & Private )– MAY-2022

B.C.A. Part-III (Annual)– APR-2022

P.G.D.C.A. Sem-II (Regular & Re-appear)– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication Sem-II– MAY-2022

Post Graduate Diploma in Child Development and Counselling Sem-II– MAY-2022

B.Lib Semester-II– MAY-2022

M.A. Punjabi Honors Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Education Sem-IV– MAY-2022

B.A. (With Gurmat Sangeet) Sem-IV (Online Course)– MAY-2022

M.A. Sikh Studies Sem-IV (Private & Distance Education)– MAY-2022

M.J.M.C. Sem-IV (Distance Education)– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Physics Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Statistics Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. English (Sem-IV) D.E. Private and Re appear– MAY-2022

M.A. Public Administration Sem-IV– MAY-2022

M.A. Economics Sem-IV (D.E. Private and Re appear)– MAY-2022

M.A. Education Sem-IV (Distance Education)– MAY-2022

B.A. Honors School Course in English Sem-I– DEC-2021

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences Semester-IV– MAY-2022

M.Sc. Sports Science Sem-IV– MAY-2022

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