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Python Comments

In Python, comments are lines of code that are ignored by the interpreter and are used to add notes or explanations to the code. Comments are useful for documenting your code and explaining how it works, which can be helpful for yourself and for other people who may need to read and understand your code.

There are two types of comments in Python: single-line comments and multi-line comments.

Single-line comments are indicated by a # symbol and everything after the # on the same line is ignored by the interpreter. For example:

# This is a single-line comment
x = 10  # This is also a single-line comment

Multi-line comments, also known as block comments, are used to comment out multiple lines of code at once. In Python, you can create a multi-line comment by enclosing the comment in triple quotation marks (either single or double). For example:

This is a

It is a good practice to include comments in your code to explain what it does and how it works. This can make it easier for you and others to understand and maintain the code.

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