Romania is a country with a lot of diversity in its population. It is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Europe and has more than 4 million people who do not have Romanian citizenship.

There are many reasons for this, some political and some historical. But what does it mean for Moldovans?

Moldovans have been trying to get Romanian citizenship for decades, but they have faced a lot of obstacles. They are being told that they should be grateful to live in Romania and that they should be happy with their current status as foreigners.

The main obstacle is the language barrier – Moldovan citizens need to know Romanian or at least speak it well enough to pass the citizenship test, which can be quite difficult without any formal education in the language. They also need to

Romanians can apply for Moldovan citizenship in order to get the benefits of living in Romania.

Many Romanians are moving to Moldova and they are seeking citizenship or residency there. They believe that they will be able to live a better life in a country with lower cost of living, cheaper property, and better education.

Romanian citizens who want to live in Moldova must apply for residency and then naturalize as a citizen of Romania.

Romania is a country with a population of over 19 million people, making it one of the most populous countries in Europe. With its unique history and culture, Romania has been able to maintain its own identity while still being closely intertwined with other European countries. One way Romania has been able to maintain its own identity is through the use of Romanian as the country’s official language.

Can Moldovans get Romanian citizenship?

Moldovans are currently citizens of the Republic of Moldova and citizens of Romania by birth. However, because Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, they are not considered citizens of Romania by law. The constitution does not allow for dual citizenship for people who were born in Moldova since 1991; however, there is no law that prohibits them

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