Marylebone is a central London district. It is commonly pronounced as “Mari-lay-bone” or “Mary-lee-bone.”

The name of the district was first recorded in 1254, and is thought to have been derived from the Anglo Saxon words mary, meaning “dear,” and leah, meaning “woodland clearing.”

Marylebone is a central London district. It is also the name of a station on the London Underground.

Marylebone is pronounced as “Mari-lay-bone.”

Marylebone is pronounced ‘ma-ri-lob-one’.

Marylebone is one of the most affluent districts in central London. It is home to many expensive hotels, restaurants and bars.

In 1877, a prominent Irish politician named Charles Stuart Parnell was born in Marylebone.

Marylebone is pronounced as ‘ma-lee-bone’.

One of the most famous streets in London, Marylebone is a popular shopping destination. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in London.

The pronunciation of this street name is often disputed. However, there are two ways to pronounce this word and both are correct: “mah-ree-luh-boan” or “mah-ree-luh-bone.”

Marylebone is pronounced as “Mari-lay-bone”

The British accent is one of the most difficult accents to pronounce for an American, but it’s not impossible. Just follow these steps:

1. Say “Mar-eet” and then “ah”

2. Say “Lah” and then “bone”

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