Kanji is a Japanese writing system, originally used in China and introduced to Japan in the sixth century. The kanji are usually written by Chinese characters, which are called kanji (漢字).

In Japan, the term for Chinese characters is kokuji (国字), literally meaning “national character.” In order to write these characters, Japanese people use two different systems. One is a native Japanese syllabary called hiragana and the other one is a phonetic system of writing called katakana.





This is a simple kanji that can be translated as “to say” in Japanese. In this example, the word “aa” is the first of the three characters in “aaa”.

Note: This kanji is not used in any other words.

aa is a common kanji character. It can be read as a, い, し, or ん.

aa can also mean “the”.

The word “aa” is a Japanese word that means “father”.

The kanji for father is the same as the kanji for eye.

When learning kanji, one of the most important things to learn is how to write the word “aa”.

There are two methods for writing this word in kanji. 一 aa 二 aa 三 aa 四 aa 五 aa 六 aa 七 aa 八 aa.

“aaa” is a kanji character that means “father”.

To write the Japanese word for “father”, you might use アヤツ (Aya-tso) in hiragana, or アヤツ (Ayato) in katakana.


is the kanji for the sound “a” in Japanese. It is also used to represent other sounds such as “e” and “o”.

Aaa is the sound of a cat purring.

The Japanese word for aaa is “ka,” which literally means “hiss.” The kanji for ka and the kanji for a cat are both pronounced “kah” so it’s easy to see how this word came about.

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