Blitzcrank is a popular support item that can be used in a variety of ways.

Blitzcrank is an item that can be used to initiate a fight, defend, and catch up to enemies who are running away. It’s also very effective in teamfights, as it can pull enemies into your team’s range and make them vulnerable to attack.

The Blitzcrank’s hook is also very useful for initiating fights by pulling an enemy towards your team. The hook can also be used for escaping or catching up to opponents who are running away from you.

Blitzcrank is a very powerful hero that helps you in all the right situations. It can be used to initiate a fight, defend your towers, and even to escape. You should be using blitzcrank when you are in a sticky situation.

Blitzcrank can be used to initiate a fight by quickly pulling an enemy hero towards you and then using your abilities to kill them before they get too close. You can also use blitzcrank to defend your towers by pulling enemies into the tower range and killing them with your abilities. Lastly, blitzcrank is also good for escaping from fights because it has great mobility and pull range which makes it hard for enemies to catch up with you.

Blitzcrank is a very versatile support item that can be used in many different ways. One of the most popular uses is to use it as an initiation tool for your team.

Blitzcrank’s passive ability, Static Field, makes it so that enemies are slowed and take extra damage from abilities. This makes blitzcrank good for initiating fights and making sure that your team has the upper hand.

Blitzcrank’s active ability, Rocket Grab, is a powerful initiation tool that allows blitzcrank to grab an enemy champion and pull them towards him and his allies with great speed.

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