Rbl Bank Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 , 2026 & 2030

Rbl Bank Share Price “We believe that reassuring investors will require further explanations from management to justify the sudden departure of Vishwavir Ahuja almost six months before his term expires (June 22) and RBI intervention (usually seen in weak banks such as Ujjivan, Dhanlaxmi , LVB, J&K Bank) Brokerage firm Emkay believes that reassuring investors will require further explanations from management to justify Vishwavir Ahuja’s sudden departure almost six months before the end of his term (June 22) and intervention from RBI (usually seen in weak banks such as Ujjivan, Dhanlaxmi, LVB, J&K Bank).

Rbl Bank Share Price

Rbl Bank Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 , 2026 & 2030

According to Rajiv Akhuji, the regulator fully trusts the management and financial position of the bank. The Reserve Bank would like to state that the bank is well capitalized and that its financial position remains satisfactory. Although RBL Bank did not clarify the actions of the bank’s regulators, it reassured investors of its position on asset quality and profitability.

Nirmal Bank Institutional Equities also shared concerns about the RBI move, as such a move took place only in the past when the bank’s asset quality ran into problems. ICICI Securities downgraded RBL shares to Sell and cut its target price to Rs 130 from Rs 181. CLSA retained its outperformance rating for RBL Bank, but lowered its target price to Rs 200 from Rs 230 earlier. Global brokerage firms such as CLSA and Morgan Stanley lowered their price target for RBL Bank after Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer Vishavir Ahuja took sick leave and RBI immediately appointed Rajiv Ahuja as interim CEO and CEO of the bank.

After the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) unexpectedly decided to appoint its general manager Yogesh Dayal as an additional director of RBL Bank, from December 24, 2021, up to two years, RBL Bank’s stock price plummeted to the bottom. … Analysts became more cautious after the Reserve Bank of India appointed an additional director to the creditor committee and its boss “went on vacation”, which was the biggest loss in 21 months. In early trading on December 27, RBL Bank’s share price hit a 52-week low of 138 rupees and fell into a low 20% after the Reserve Bank of India appointed Yogesh K. Dayal as an additional director of the board of directors. Bank.

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Subject to regulatory approvals, the board of directors immediately appointed Rajiv Ahuja (currently the executive director) as interim CEO and CEO of the bank. As a result, RBL Finserve Limited is now a 100% subsidiary of the Bank. The company was previously called The Ratnakar Bank Limited, and in August 2014 it changed its name to RBL Bank Limited.

In the most recent quarter, the bank reported net profit after tax of 9.72 crore. Chandan Taparia suggested buying RBL Bank at a target price of 212 rupees. Dolat Capital Markets recommends buying RBL Bank shares at a target price of 270 rupees. In a research report dated May 5, 2021, Dolat Capital Markets provided RBL Bank with a buy rating at an estimated price of 270 rupees.

Rbl Bank Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 , 2026 & 2030

RblBank’s targets this week are 181.55, 223.04 – up, 164.26, 152.15 – down. RblBank’s target forecast for Friday 21, 2022 – 219.39, 200.44, 181.48 – up and 126.42, 145.38, 164.34 – down. RblBank’s target forecast for Friday February 4, 2022 is 237.02, 209.44, 181.85 – up and 108.79, 136.38, 163.97 – down.

RblBank’s trend is positive this week, which means that RblBank’s target forecasts are more likely. The trend for RblBank is positive this month, which means that RblBank’s target predictions are more likely. The time period specified by the analyst is the intraday period during which the price of RBL Bank Ltd. can achieve a specific goal.

Stock Analysis – Know Before You Invest RBL Bank Ltd’s stock rating fell 1 in a week on a 10-point scale. RBL Banks Down 2% After Reporting First Quarter Loss; brokers maintain a buy rating.

The sudden events have led to uncertainty among investors, which has led to a drop in the value of banks’ shares. The lender allayed customer concerns, saying the events were not related to concerns about the bank’s advances, asset quality and deposit levels. However, RBL reiterated that the business is doing business as usual and does not need short-term capital. Our bank is also optimistic that activity, growth and profitability will return to normal levels in the current quarter (Q3) and that we will end the fiscal year with good profit margins, which will put us in a good position for AF23 “RBL Banks MD and CEO Visvavir Akhuja made a statement.

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During the quarter ended December 2020, the bank raised additional capital of Rs 1,566 crores on a concessional basis by issuing 88,474,577 new shares at Rs 10 each at Rs 177 per share. The bank issued 3.26 million shares on a concessional basis at a price of Rs 515 per share. RBL Bank has attracted this additional stake from key investors including Accion, a global financial inclusion not-for-profit organization that has been instrumental in transforming Swadhaar into one of India’s top performing lenders for low-income families and businesses.

These co-branded credit cards will be provided to existing and new customers of Bajaj Finance Ltd. On November 30, 2016, RBL Bank announced that it was the first bank in India to launch the Aadhaar Payment Bridge (APBS) system for microfinance loans. On November 28, 2016, RBL Bank and India’s most diversified NBFC One of them, Bajaj Finance Ltd, jointly announced a cooperation to launch a series of co-branded credit cards for Indian customers. This funding will be backed by a US$5 million OPIC loan guarantee.

In addition, the company also provides online tax and bill payment services, debit cards, credit and prepaid cards, online banking, digital and online banking, and merchant payment services. After the leadership change in 2010, it has become one of the fastest-growing private banks. It currently has 435 interconnected branches and 380 networked ATMs in 28 states and federal territories in India, serving approximately 9.8 million customers. After changing its management team in 2010, it has become one of the fastest-growing private sector banks. It currently has 429 interconnected branches and 389 interconnected ATMs in 28 Indian states and federal territories, serving approximately 8.4 million customers Serve.

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In terms of asset quality, slippage remains high, while growth in the restructured portfolio was driven by secured corporate loans and a microbank portfolio, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. reported.

He also lowered his target share price by nearly 28% to Rs 130. As a result, we have lowered our target price to 165 from Rs 215, given the lower return on equity (8-10% versus FY23-24 versus 9-11% previously) and short-term management uncertainty. We maintain our outperforming rating and reduce our target price to Rs 200 per share from Rs 230.

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