Sigachi Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Sigachi Share Price Target They are expected to hold Sigachi Industries shares with a monthly target of 888 rupees and a stop loss of 530 rupees per share.

They should have a monthly target of Rs 888 for holding Sigachi Industries shares while maintaining a stop loss of Rs 530 per share,” said Ravi Singhal, vice president of GCL Securities. Singhal added that those who did not receive Sigachi at the time of distribution are recommended.

Buy the meter at the current level for one month with a target of 888 rupees and a strict stop loss of 530 rupees. Even for investors who failed to obtain Sigachi shares at the time of the allocation, Singhal recommends buying the meter to the current level, with a monthly target 888 rupees, while keeping the stop loss at 530 rupees.

After listing at a 253% premium to the offer price, Sigachi shares were locked at a higher price of Rs 603.75, 270% above the offer price.

After listing with a premium of 253% above the asking price, Sigachi shares are stuck at 603.75 PS, up 270% above the asking price. This is the second best list after Burnpur Cement, which debuted at Burnpur Cements with a 286% premium.

Sigachi Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Sigachi Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

The price range for the offer of Rs 125.42 crores was Rs 161-163 per share. According to the consolidated data of the NSE, 54,89,47,440 shares were offered during the IPO against 53,86,500 shares in the offer. Investors submitted a bid to buy 54.88 million shares versus the IPO size of 53.86 million shares.

SJS Enterprises sold its IPO shares at Rs 531-542 per share and the issue was signed 1.59 times, while PB Fintech sold its shares at Rs 940-980 per share and the issue was signed 16.58 times. SJS Enterprises had a pre-market opening price of Rs 540 per share, compared to an IPO price of Rs 542. The company’s shares debuted on the NSE at Rs 570 versus an issue price of Rs 163.

The shares opened with a 252.8% premium at Rs 575 on the BSE, compared to an issue price of Rs 163, making them the largest share price ever.

The manufacturer of cellulose-based excipients opened with a 252.76% premium. In evaluating Sigachi Industries’ IPO, Anand Rathi financial services limited said in a note: “With the higher IPO price range for Sigachi Industries Ltd. is offered at a P / E ratio of 15.1 times its TTM profit at market price. capitalization of 5,011 million rupees.

Sigachi Industries achieved strong financial performance, with average annual growth rates of revenue and EBITDA of 22% and 19%, respectively, during the 19-2021 fiscal year, and net profit – 26% during this period.

He raised Rs 125.43 crores in the first route, promoting his shares at Rs 161-163 apiece. The pre-market opening price of PolicyBazaars is Rs 1,150 per share, compared to an IPO price of Rs 980.

S&P 500 futures stabilized 0.1% in early trading Monday, while Nasdaq futures gained 0.2%. US futures rallied after tech stocks rallied the S&P 500 on Friday. Asian stocks were higher on Monday as traders waited for key economic data from China. Traders in rupee bonds will weigh the inflation data, which showed that consumer prices are accelerating faster than expected.

The price has increased this month and the volume has increased significantly. The company maintains a Buy recommendation with an increase in the target price to Rs 185 from Rs 150 previously.

The company does not believe that gas prices cannot be allowed to rise in the next fiscal year. The pressure on production costs was overcome by raising prices by the company and saving on LEAP to contain the decline in gross margins.

In the long term, if demand for MCC is strong and the company’s post-IPO expansion program provides momentum for profit growth.

It will also help the company produce croscarmellose sodium, a modified cellulose used as filler, at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. Consequently, this means that its shares will soon be available in these markets following the completion of its IPO offer.

All stock market enthusiasts are currently looking for a target price for Sigachi shares for 2022, 2023, 2025 to know its future, as the Sigachi Industries IPO was recently made available and received insane subscriptions.

That is why we decided to present this guide on the target price of Sigachi shares 2022, 2023, 2025 and its future, what to expect if you signed up for its IPO last week, is it safe to buy its shares for a long-term investment, and other details you need to know. about it. “Sigachi Industries’ shares debuted on Dalal Street today, offering an approximately 250% increase in listing to those who acquired Sigachi shares through distribution.

Lucky traders should retain 50% of their profits and get their capital back, leaving the remaining 50% in their investment portfolio.

Ravi Singhal, vice president of GCL Securities, said that lucky traders who receive stock allocations must register 50% of their profits and return their capital, while retaining the remaining 50% of their investment portfolio. …It is recommended that existing shareholders hold the stock with a stop loss of 480 rupees, and it is recommended that new investors wait for the stock price to stabilize,” he said.

The fees will remain the same regardless of the share price if purchased in the OTC market. In the event that the subscription limit is exceeded, which is common, shares are distributed using a lottery system.

This price is set during the awarding stage of the public release. The price cap is the price point at which Sigachi Industries ‘shares and other companies’ shares will be quoted on the stock exchange.

If you cannot sell your shares within 3 days, the price of that day will apply when we receive the shares in our demat. The holding period for other investors (including retail, HNI or corporate clients) is 6 months from the date of the IPO listing of the unlisted shares of Sigachi Laboratories Limited.

Yes, you can request this initial public offering from Sigachi Industries through a bank account unrelated to the Angel One app. In addition, there is no provision to this effect in the Angel One app whereby the bank account of underage daughters can be used to apply for an IPO. No, you cannot use your Hindu Undivided Family account to apply for an IPO through the Angel One platform. If so, you can simply create a replacement using any approved UPI descriptor mentioned in the NPCI list.

However, if the company’s business is doing well and, therefore, there is always demand in the OTC market, then even if the IPO does not take place, investors can easily liquidate their non-listed shares of Sigachi Laboratories Limited on an unlisted market.

If the company does not have funding, let’s try to find a business similar to Sigachi Laboratories Limited Unlisted Shares in the indicated location and apply the comparison method to establish a score.

We will confirm our purchase price for the unlisted shares of Sigachi Laboratories Limited. Firstly, you can join our Telegram channel, where every morning we report the latest prices for all non-listed stocks, and secondly, you can register on the platform to see historical charts and prices of all stocks In one place. a place.

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