The technology behind slot machines

The technology behind slot machines

When you think about gambling you think about luck. Even the name “games of luck” suggests that it’s all about how much good fortune a person has. In fact, this is not entirely true! We always need luck, but in most cases, gambling included, it’s all about mathematics and science. Casino games online or offline are not influenced by a person’s blessing or performance. 

When we’re talking about maths in slot machines, we’re talking about probabilities. Let’s see the further details of this technological matter. 

Random Number Generator 

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is the base technology used for slot machines. An RNG is a mathematical computation or a hardware device. Its work is to generate random numbers or random sets of numbers. It does not have to display a pattern such as only showing odds numbers. 

This key component is not only used for online slot games, but for slot machines in land-based casinos and other games too. 

Pseudorandom Number Generator 

You might encounter this term but never thought about it so much. This is another mathematical algorithm that generates numbers. The sequence that PRNGs generate is not entirely random because it’s determined by a primary value. This initial value can include random numbers. These generators are more important and used in games of chance because their speed and reproducibility are superior. 

The Coding

New-era online slots are built on different coding platforms. So the slots that you play might be coded in Phyton or other languages, but you won’t tell the difference between them. Moreover, we started seeing game companies integrate engines capable of putting the casino into Augmented or Virtual reality. 

Software developers started choosing Advanced Artificial Intelligence for top online casinos. These technologies aim to add a whole new level of gameplay and experience to online slot games.

Slots Desing

You might ask yourself if the slots’ design or the number of rows influences the randomness of the result. We are used to seeing slots with fruits most of the time. In the last few years, developers made other designs inspired by movies, singers, holidays, and unique places. 

The number of symbols and rows is also different, but these two do not affect the outcome. And, so, many slots sites had to keep up with the market and broaden their variety with the newest additions.

Online slot games versus land-based slot machines

There are differences between slot machines and online slot games, but nothing to worry about. 

  1. Process and speed – online casinos are faster at setting you up for the game, while land-based casinos need more preparation before the game starts. 
  2. Services – casinos will offer you live music, free beverages, and people to socialize with, while online casinos give you intimacy, great bonuses, and background music personalized for every game. 
  3. Additional costs – if you want to go and gamble in a mortar-and-brick casino, you will have to pay for transportation, food, and probably precious time. Online casinos can be accessed anytime from almost anywhere. 
  4. Technology – RNGs and PRNGs are used in both types of establishments, but online can have superior technology and advance faster with the trends and with the market’s expectations.

Slots machines then, now, and hereafter

The first slot machines were invented in 1894 by Charles August Fey. He was a mechanic in San Francisco and he built the first coin-operated gambling machine. 

In 1898, the same Charles August Fey built the Card Bell. The Card Bell was the first slot machine with mechanical cash payouts. 

Modern days slots can be programmed to cash out as the house wants, but following the rules and the Law. Online slots will show you the RTPs and whatever you need to know in order to be safe. 

The future holds the mystery. The rapid evolution of blockchain technology, Artificial intelligence, and Virtual reality will impact everything on the internet. They will most probably change the future of online games of chance. 

To sum-up

Both RNGs and PRNGs generate sequences of simulated random numbers at very high rates, between hundreds or even thousands per second. The mechanism is always working, and it doesn’t start at the exact time you push the “Play” button even if it seems like it. 

When you press it the most recent random sequence of numbers is giving you the result. This means that the result depends on the time you play, not how much luck you got in your shoes. This applies to both online and offline slots. 

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