Tesla Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 , 2030

Tesla Share Price Target In addition, Tesla shares recently recovered their key 10-week moving average, critical support, for the first time since late February. Despite falling 12% since Friday’s close, Tesla shares are still up a staggering 160% over the last … [+] year.

After falling nearly 5% on Monday, Tesla shares fell another 12% on Tuesday to $ 1,023.50, pushing companies’ market caps by about $ 140 billion and marking their worst day-to-day decline with a 21% drop in February.

September 8, 2020 Tesla shares closed down 11.99% on Tuesday, increasing losses on the second day after CEO Elon Musk offered to sell 10% of his shares in the electric vehicle sector over the weekend.

Tesla Share Price Target 2022 , 2023 , 2024 , 2025 , 2030

After a staggering 508.3% gain last year, electric vehicle maker Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) slowed down this year. Tesla had a very volatile stock price, which at times confused investors. And until the end of 2016, Tesla’s share price was slowly declining. It seemed that the company could not make enough money from selling cars to cover its expenses.

Between July and September, the company delivered 241,300 electric vehicles worldwide, up 73% from last year. When the stock closed at an all-time high of $ 1,024.86 on Monday, the company’s market value surpassed $ 1 trillion.

Since October 26, the share price has risen to 40%, the highest in more than four years. The shares were closed in April after a record advance when the share price rose 700% over the course of the year.

Despite the sell-off, analysts Wedbush and Jefferies raised Tesla’s target price to US$1,800 and US$1,400 respectively on Monday, and Wedbushs Dan Ives said that due to earnings, the stock may rise by 65% ​​next year.

The profit margin is higher than expected. Disclosure in the third quarter. Despite the recent sale by insiders, Jefferies raised its target price for Tesla stock from $950 to $1,400 in a statement on Monday.

Last week, investment bank Jefferies raised Tesla’s stock price from neutral to buy, and raised its target price from the previous US$700 to US$850. Well, first of all, Bank of America used the recent sell-off to set a new and better target price for Tesla this morning: $1,200 per share, higher than the previous $1,000 per share.

Tesla, on the other hand, is growing so fast that by 2025, according to BofA, its $ 1,200 price target will be just four times sales and only 21 times EBITDA.

Tesla share Price Target 2022

DatePrice TargetChange
2022 Jan.$1323.083.11%
2022 Feb.$1349.652.01%
2022 Mar.$1369.971.51%
2022 Apr.$1388.951.39%
2022 May.$1408.761.43%
2022 Jun.$1429.931.50%
2022 Jul.$1451.291.49%
2022 Aug.$1470.441.32%
2022 Sep.$1485.191.00%
2022 Oct.$1494.510.63%
2022 Nov.$1497.700.21%
2022 Dec.$1494.36-0.22%

Tesla Share Price Target 2023

DatePrice TargetChange
2023 Jan.$1486.24-0.54%
2023 Feb.$1475.71-0.71%
2023 Mar.$1462.29-0.91%
2023 Apr.$1445.76-1.13%
2023 May.$1426.20-1.35%
2023 Jun.$1403.79-1.57%
2023 Jul.$1378.53-1.80%
2023 Aug.$1350.43-2.04%
2023 Sep.$1319.87-2.26%
2023 Oct.$1287.53-2.45%
2023 Nov.$1254.29-2.58%
2023 Dec.$1220.95-2.66%

Tesla Share Price Target 2024

DatePrice TargetChange
2024 Jan.$1188.26-2.68%
2024 Feb.$1157.02-2.63%
2024 Mar.$1127.61-2.54%
2024 Apr.$1100.33-2.42%
2024 May.$1075.27-2.28%
2024 Jun.$1052.63-2.11%
2024 Jul.$1032.37-1.92%
2024 Aug.$1014.35-1.75%
2024 Sep.$998.45-1.57%
2024 Oct.$984.57-1.39%
2024 Nov.$972.62-1.21%
2024 Dec.$962.49-1.04%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2025

DatePrice TargetChange
2025 Jan.$954.09-0.87%
2025 Feb.$947.25-0.72%
2025 Mar.$941.76-0.58%
2025 Apr.$937.41-0.46%
2025 May.$933.98-0.37%
2025 Jun.$930.96-0.32%
2025 Jul.$927.56-0.37%
2025 Aug.$923.64-0.42%
2025 Sep.$918.70-0.54%
2025 Oct.$912.26-0.70%
2025 Nov.$904.09-0.90%
2025 Dec.$894.26-1.09%

Tesla stock forecast 2026

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Jan.$883.14-1.24%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Feb.$871.24-1.35%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Mar.$859.04-1.40%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Apr.$846.88-1.42%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 May.$834.88-1.42%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Jun.$822.98-1.43%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Jul.$810.99-1.46%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Aug.$798.75-1.51%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Sep.$786.19-1.57%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Oct.$773.41-1.63%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Nov.$760.62-1.65%
Tesla stock forecast 2026 Dec.$748.17-1.64%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2027

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Jan.$736.38-1.58%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Feb.$725.53-1.47%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Mar.$715.78-1.34%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Apr.$707.21-1.20%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 May.$699.81-1.05%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Jun.$693.51-0.90%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Jul.$688.22-0.76%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Aug.$683.84-0.64%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Sep.$680.26-0.52%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Oct.$677.38-0.42%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Nov.$675.07-0.34%
Tesla stock forecast 2027 Dec.$673.25-0.27%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2028

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Jan.$671.80-0.22%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Feb.$670.63-0.17%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Mar.$669.63-0.15%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Apr.$668.73-0.13%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 May.$667.85-0.13%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Jun.$666.93-0.14%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Jul.$665.91-0.15%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Aug.$664.77-0.17%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Sep.$663.48-0.19%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Oct.$662.03-0.22%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Nov.$660.42-0.24%
Tesla stock forecast 2028 Dec.$658.67-0.27%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2029

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Jan.$656.79-0.29%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Feb.$654.80-0.30%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Mar.$652.74-0.31%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Apr.$650.64-0.32%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 May.$648.54-0.32%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Jun.$646.48-0.32%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Jul.$644.48-0.31%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Aug.$642.60-0.29%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Sep.$640.85-0.27%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Oct.$639.27-0.25%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Nov.$637.87-0.22%
Tesla stock forecast 2029 Dec.$636.66-0.19%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2030

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Jan.$635.66-0.16%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Feb.$634.85-0.13%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Mar.$634.24-0.10%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Apr.$633.82-0.07%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 May.$633.57-0.04%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Jun.$633.48-0.01%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Jul.$633.530.01%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Aug.$633.730.03%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Sep.$634.180.07%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Oct.$635.090.14%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Nov.$636.940.29%
Tesla stock forecast 2030 Dec.$640.650.58%

TSLA : Tesla stock forecast 2031

DatePrice TargetChange
Tesla stock forecast 2031 Jan.$647.791.11%
Tesla stock forecast 2031 Feb.$660.521.97%
Tesla stock forecast 2031 Mar.$680.793.07%
Tesla stock forecast 2031 Apr.$709.314.19%
Tesla stock forecast 2031 May.$745.095.04%
Tesla stock forecast 2031 Jun.$785.885.48%
Tesla Stock Price Target 2031 Jul.$829.035.49%
Tesla Stock Price Target 2031 Aug.$872.125.20%
Tesla Stock Price Target 2031 Sep.$913.434.74%
Tesla Stock Price Target 2031 Oct.$952.034.23%
Tesla Stock Price Target 2031 Nov.$987.793.76%

In a weekend note, ARK, the investment management firm, said it expects Tesla’s share price to rise to $ 7,000 in five years, based on the belief that Tesla can increase profits, lower costs, and build a fully autonomous taxi network.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas raised his target price for Tesla shares from $ 900 to $ 1,200 a share on Sunday, citing an increase in car sales over the next few years after the company’s record-breaking profits and $ 900 shipments in the third quarter.

In light of these updated estimates, coupled with an additional year of growth added to our model, our forecast for Tesla vehicle sales is between 5 million and 10 million vehicles in 2025.

ARK estimates that Tesla can achieve above-average insurance margins thanks to the detailed driving data it collects from customers’ cars. Because its vehicles have above average safety profiles, Tesla needs to be able to use real-time data to offer insurance for its vehicles, set dynamic prices, lower customer acquisition costs, and increase margins.

In our bear example, ride hail could add another $ 20 billion to Tesla’s operating profit by 2025, pushing our price target by about $ 500. Last year, ARK calculated that Tesla’s share price will reach $ 7,000 per share by 2024, or $ 1,400 adjusted by five for a stock split.

Based on our updated research, we now assume it could be close to $ 3,000 in 2025. Given its explosive growth in 2020, many believe that its current price is based on too many future expectations rather than actual performance.

Meanwhile, Jefferies analyst Philip Ushua on Monday raised Tesla’s target price to $ 1,400 a share – the highest on Wall Street – from $ 950 in a note to customers.

Tesla recently said that deliveries of the Cybertruck will not begin until early 2022, following official plans to launch in late 2021. Tesla is facing serious competition from companies like Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Kia and Hyundai as they try to enter the EV arena. … Ives says Tesla will benefit the most from the global advancement of electric vehicles.

Ives has set a production target of 860,000 to 900,000 Tesla vehicles this year and over 1 million next year. Tesla has reiterated its supply forecasts since January, when it predicted a CAGR of 50% in vehicle shipments, with deliveries expected to be faster than that rate by 2021.

Tesla posted a record quarterly profit last week for the third time in a row thanks to record shipments. After the market closed on April 26, Tesla reported adjusted earnings of 93 cents per share.

While trading on the NASDAQ, Tesla offered 13.3 million shares at a price of $ 17 per share. However, Tesla’s share price has since continued to approach all-time highs and for the first time in the company’s history, it has surpassed $ 300 per share.

Tesla stock has been unable to replicate last year’s impressive earnings after being mired in problems for most of this year, from regulatory scandals to supply chain problems. As Tesla expands manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, it recently raised about $ 5 billion in its third share offering in a year.

Tesla shares fell in the morning after the release of the quarterly income statement as analysts disagreed on how it was achieved.

Until the recent rallies, it could be argued that Wall Street understood that Tesla was a car company, not a technology company, and lived up to its expectations for a rise in stock prices. At some point, Musk himself stated that the company’s share price was overvalued.

The first were Wedbush analysts, who raised their upbeat target to $ 1,800 a share from $ 1,500, citing an underlying story of electric vehicle growth and a large Chinese market.

Key Takeaways Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives has predicted a $ 1,000 price target for Tesla, the pioneer of electric vehicles (EV). NEW YORK, November 10.

(Reuters) – Katie Wood of ARK Invest, star picker and famous bull Tesla Inc (TSLA.O), seems reluctant to buy the downturn in the electric car maker. up about 13% this week in anticipation of a sale by co-founder Elon Musk.

According to a document from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Elon Musk’s brother Kimball sold 88,500 Tesla shares on Friday.

Tesla TSLA CEO Elon Musk (-2.83%) asked subscribers to vote on the weekend whether he should sell 10% of the stock, which made Twitter crazy. He recently released a report that reiterated his “outperform” rating on the stock and set a target price of $1,000.

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