Top 5 Mobile Wallets to Store Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are stored in the blockchain, that is, everywhere immediately and nowhere specifically. This means that you can use your coins at any time and from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Provided that you have a mobile crypto -coshery and your assets are stored in it.

How mobile wallets work

First of all, a cryptocurrency wallet is needed for receiving, storing and transferring digital coins and they were developed for these purposes. Mobile applications have many similar features with desktop programs, as they are also loaded to the user device.

The principle of operation of mobile cryptocurrency is almost no different from the so -called light software wallets. They do not store the entire history of the blockchain, but only records of transactions of their owner. Due to this, the application quickly loads and synchronizes with the network. In mobile applications, it is convenient to use QR codes to pay for goods or services and quick dispatch of cryptocurrencies for other purposes

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile wallets

A mobile wallet is almost always with you and this is its main advantage. This is convenient for everyday calculations. In terms of safety, they surpass web clients, but are inferior to hardware. When comparing with desktop programs, the situation is not so clear. If you use the phone in a crowded place, there is a risk that outsiders can spy a password or PIN code or abduct the device itself.

However, if you are firmly intended to store some inviolable supply of coins in the calculation for the implementation of the optimistic version of the Bitcoin Gold price prediction 2030, it is better to supplement the mobile store with more reliable hardware.


Exodus has mobile and desktop versions and one wallet can be used on different devices. Exodus supports storage of more than 100 coins, exchange and staying cryptocurrencies. The possibilities of the mobile version are somewhat limited, but this is quite enough for novice users. The interface is quite convenient and intuitive. Integration with cold storages is not provided.

Enjin Wallet

This is the own development of the team of creators of the cryptocurrency Enjin Coin (Enj). The wallet interface is not very attractive, but simple enough, super -willed to get comfortable with it from a novice user. The application does not monitor the user’s activity and does not store his personal information.

The program supports about 100 popular coins, it is possible to buy and sell coins directly in the application. Enjin Wallet can be used to interact with DApps and check the balance of hardware wallets.

Coinomi Wallet

Available in mobile and desktop versions. The application supports more than 100 blockchains and the possibility of buying cryptocurrencies for fiat money. Coinomi has a built -in exchange, that is, you will always have the opportunity to quickly respond to a short-term ICX price prediction to you.

The wallet has a built-in DAPP browser, but theoretically this also means additional vulnerability.


MyСelium is more suitable for experienced users. The application supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the ERC-20 token, integration with popular hardware cryptocurrencies and autonomous storage of cryptocurrency assets. Mycelium has perhaps the highest level of confidentiality due to masking IP addresses and Internet access through the Tor browser.


The cross -platform cryptocurrency wallet JAXX supports about 100 popular coins. After installation, transactions are immediately available, as well as viewing information on the assets of interest to you directly from the application. JAXX has built -in tools for managing cryptocurrency portfolios and exchange services of Changelly and Shapeshift.

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