Top Careers for MBA in Supply Chain Management

One of the most popular courses in the MBA field is Supply Chain Management.MBA in Supply Chain Management lasts for 2 years, extensively made for candidates who wish to pursue their career in areas like Business Operations Managers, Managers of Global Sourcing, Strategic Sourcing Managers, Supply Chain Operations, etc. The course primarily trains candidates with strong management skills as well as provides knowledge regarding logistics along with back-end operations of a particular business unit.

Candidates pursue this course at their postgraduate level and are not accessible in software for school management. The syllabus of this particular course is designed in a unique way that assists the aspirants in securing careers significantly in the logistics sectors and opting for supervisory or managerial positions.

It is popularly known that MBA is one of the most demanding courses of all, and supply chain management is one of those famous specializations which makes a candidate eligible to secure a position in multiple sectors as well as apply for several job positions. Some of the top recruiting companies for candidates having this degree are Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, DHL, FedEx, McKinsey, etc. Check out some of the top careers you can attain in some of these companies, below,

Supply Chain Manager

Arguably the top career option to avail with the degree of MBA in Supply Chain Management is Supply Chain Manager. This also comes among the most high-paying job for the professionals having this degree. Supply Chain Managers are engaged in coordinating, organizing, as well as supervising all the activities, that are involved in the acquisition, identification, production along with distribution of the goods of the company. The average salary of a Supply Chain Manager in India is INR 10 lakhs per annum.

Supply Chain Analyst

Another great career option to opt for with this degree is becoming a Supply Chain Analyst. Candidates engaged in these professions analyze data as well as methods for predicting along with enhancing the process of delivery of products of a particular company. 

Also, they supervise that the customers of their company get the best services and can also work on developing them. The supply chain of any organization needs to be run smoothly with ease while ensuring that the profit comes effectively from the side. This is what makes a supply chain analyst important. The average salary of a supply chain analyst in India is INR 4 lakhs per annum.

Operations Manager

Another top job option to choose with this degree is Operations Manager. To earn this position, you need to work hard from getting qualified at your college and university level by satisfying the attendance management software, earning good marks, and getting certified with this degree, and only the career of an operations manager will be possible. These professionals are responsible for managing all the activities that are involved in the production of goods or any other services of any specific business. The average salary of an operations manager in India is INR 9 lakhs per annum.

Business Manager

The profession of a business manager also comes among the best ones you can be sure of with the degree of MBA in Supply Chain Management. Business Managers are engaged in overseeing any particular department that is situated within a large company. However, they are also seen in small companies, where they supervise all the departments They are also regarded as the captains of the daily activities that they manage in these areas as well as the supervision of the works and pushing forward the operational as well as the financial objectives. The average salary of a Business Manager in India is INR 10 lakhs per annum.

Quality Manager

One of the best career options to choose with the MBA in Supply Chain Management degree is Quality Manager. These professionals implement as well as execute inspection and evaluation methods along with testing for ensuring the products strictly match the standards of the company and maintain its brand value. They are engaged in preparing reports with the collection of data on those inspections or it can also be any other aspect like a production line, or cleanliness, that they analyze. The average salary of a quality manager in India is INR 8 lakhs per annum.

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