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What Do You Understand by Computer Software?

The last few years have been privy to great technological advances. One of the results of this progress is that there are way more devices in the world than there are people, or close enough. Every person has their personal devices to help them keep pace with the world. Nowadays, people mostly use tablets or mobile phones for their day-to-day activities, but computers have been around for a longer time. Today, we are learning about software, which is one of the important aspects of a computer. If you ask what Computer Software is, this article has the answers that you need. 

Understanding Software 

Computer software is a program, or a set of programs, which helps the computer to collect and process instructions from the outside world, and carry out the desired functions. It is different from hardware, because Software cannot be physically touched or felt. The hardware is also crucial to the whole setup, because otherwise, there is no physical element to enter the information. But without software, the hardware is useless- it is just a bunch of devices. 

Just like lists the top bookmakers which lets punters calculate their next move, computer software also lists possible functions and makes it possible for the device to understand various topics and make decisions accordingly. If there is a problem in the software, you will be unable to get the desired results even if you issued correct instructions. 

Types of Softwares

There would be different sets of programs to execute different functions specified by the user. Broadly speaking, there are two types of softwares used by a computer: system and application. The two have been discussed below in detail. 

System Software 

This includes the files and programs which help in running of the whole system. For example, Windows is a system software. The system software coordinates the functioning of the hardware and software, and provides a platform for all other functions to be carried out. For any function that you want to carry out, you need to go through the system software first. If you want to type a document, you instruct the device to open MS-Word.

Application Software 

This includes the files and programs which cater to specific functions for the user. For example, MS Word is an application software which enables users to type and edit their text. Google is an application software that enables users to access the internet, and so on. 


Thus, the software is the part of the computer which is not physically present. It is a set of instructions which guides all the functions to be carried out by the computer. The software is an integral part of the computer, because otherwise the device fails to function properly. It would be unable to carry out the given instructions, which would turn the device into a bunch of useless devices. There are two main types of softwares, system and application, and together, they ensure the smooth running of the computer. 

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